Qianjiang "Shrimp Rice" Industry Technology Innovation Alliance Symposium Held


8Month4On the 15th, Ni Jianping and his entourage from the China Rice Research Institute were invited to the Huahuichun Agricultural Products Planting Professional Cooperative Association in Qianjiang City. In the morning, they checked the cooperatives respectively.shrimp riceThe breeding base, Huashan Aquatic Food Co., Ltd., Jujin Rice Industry Co., Ltd. Afternoon on the "shrimp rice" industry development technology innovation strategic alliance held a discussion.

Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary Gong Dingrong, Vice Mayor Liu Bing attended the symposium. Ni Jianping, director of the Achievement Transformation and Service Department of the China Rice Research Institute, said that the two parties can strengthen cooperation in the selection of improved varieties, rice cultivation techniques, "shrimp rice" brand building, rice and product quality supervision and testing, and rice deep processing. Hubei Huimin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Huahuichun Cooperative Association, Huashan Aquatic Products, Jujin Rice Industry, and municipal agricultural office, agriculture, food, technology, economic management and other industrial chain related enterprises, bases and departments spoke at the symposium.

After listening carefully to everyone's speeches, Gong Dingrong pointed out that the whole city should earnestly enhance the sense of urgency to do a good job in the "shrimp and rice" article, achieve the two-wheel drive of shrimp and rice, and strive for the industrialization development goal of "shrimp and rice". Greatly enhance the brand benefit and added value of "shrimp and rice"; strengthen the cooperation of technological innovation strategic alliance of "shrimp and rice" industry; pay attention to implementation, speed up the "shrimp rice" whole industry chain, all-round innovation and development strategic cooperation, formulate scientific plans and action plans as soon as possible, form a joint force, and strive to build Chinashrimp riceThe first city!


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