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Huimin 379

The plant type is semi-compact. Seedling leaf color green, leaf sheath purple, leaf margin purple, anther yellow, filament green, live stalk mature. Ear cone, white axis, yellow-white grain, half horse tooth type. In the regional test, the plant height was 254.9cm, the spike height was 107.9cm, the spike length was 20.5cm, the spike row was 16-18 rows, each row was 39.6 grains, the 1000-grain weight was 350.9g, the seed yield of dry spike was 83.0, and the lodging (folding) rate was 5.9. The growth period of spring sowing is 140 days.

Huimin 302

The plant type is semi-compact. The stem is tough and the root system is developed. Panicle cone type, short spike handle, white cob, yellow grain, half horse tooth type.

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