On July 5, Huimin participated in the International Expo


On July 5, 2016, the "Ninth China Bio-Industry Conference and the first" China Optics Valley "International Bio-Health Industry Expo with the theme of" Implementing innovation-driven development strategies and promoting the transformation of the bio-industry "was held in Wuhan International Expo The center was grandly held. The exhibition area of 30000 square meters shows the high-end fields of biomedical, precision diagnosis and treatment, biomedical materials, medical devices, intelligent medical treatment, molecular breeding and other industries. Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. as a representative of the seed industry also participated in the conference.


In addition, Hubei Zhongxiang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei Fengle Seed Industry Co., Ltd., Hubei Seed Group Co., Ltd., China Seed Group Co., Ltd., and Hubei Nongken Lianfeng Modern Agriculture Group Co., Ltd. also participated in the exhibition.

 On the day of the exhibition on July 5, under the organization of manager Yu of the human resources department, Zhang furong of the human resources department, feng Berlin of the corn department, Zhou chuan Wen of the rice department and master Kuang of the administrative department all actively participated in the exhibition arrangement and implementation.

The samples we have on display are Cotton Taid5, Taid9, Huahui 4, Huahui 2, Xinluzhong 52, etc. Corn varieties include Huimin 302, Su Yan 16, Su Yan 6, Su Yan 480, Su Yan 1, Lianfeng 20, etc. Rice varieties are Junyou 172, Suxiang 800, Gangyou 169, Wandao 121, Yixiangyou 800 and so on. It also shows our own rice (shrimp rice family, longevity rice and ratooning rice).

The rich exhibits at the exhibition welcomed many people to visit and consult, and colleagues at the exhibition gave detailed and enthusiastic answers.

Afternoon3Around 8: 00, we also visited the biomedical booth and the seed companies of our peers, and we had more in-depth communication and understanding. And tasted steamed rice, fragrant roast sausage and meatballs, which was also a delicious treat.

Through this exhibition, the interoperability between industries has been enhanced, and the products that benefit the people once again have been promoted, and we have a better understanding of the development trend of the big industry. Promote the further orderly development of the company!



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