Hebei Suyan Seed Industry Attends Agricultural Material Marketing Training Conference


The special training on "Agricultural Resources Consulting and Planning Training" and "Internet Agricultural Resources", which was presided over by teachers Meng Yile and Wang Tao, provided many new marketing methods and concepts for marketing personnel. In addition, Mr. Wang Gangwei's "Consultant Marketing and Sales Management Technical Exercise" and Mr. Li Yongsheng's "Eighteen Martial Arts of Elite in Agricultural Production Business" respectively instruct marketers on how to improve their sales skills and how to impress customers from different angles and directions.

As the first agricultural new marketing training meeting of Hebei Branch in 2016, when summarizing the training, Mr. Meng Yile pointed out that he should seize the opportunity, make a difference and achieve himself. At the same time, he also warned everyone that as long as there is a dream, there must be hope. With a dream, on the road.......

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