Discussion Meeting on Exhibition and Promotion Scheme of New Rice Varieties in Huimin, Hubei Province


Time: June 25, 6.26, 2016 Location: Qianjiang Chunyu Farm Correspondent: Qin Yugang

 On June 26, 2016, Hong Min, General Manager of Rice Division of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., presided over a discussion meeting on the exhibition and promotion plan of new rice varieties in Qianjiang Chunyu Farm according to the current market situation.

On the morning of June 26, Niu Pingjiang, director of after-sales service of the rice division, led a group of more than 30 core customers from all over the province to visit the company's new variety exhibition park, which was highly praised by the customers and showed high expectations for the company's subsequent varieties..

     At the end of the visit to the exhibition park, Cheng Bo, the sales director, presided over the indoor meeting in combination with the current situation of the market. At the meeting, General Manager Niu introduced the layout of new varieties in the exhibition garden, the positioning of varieties and the prevention and control of rice diseases according to the current weather environment.; Then Cheng Zong reviewed the work of the previous year, briefly described the framework of the 15-16 annual settlement and the next year's sales plan ideas, and solicited the opinions of customers. The customer actively participated in the discussion and gave us valuable opinions and sincere requirements. Finally, Hong Zong answered the questions one by one for the customer.

Finally, General Manager Hong Min analyzed the current situation of the seed industry and made a detailed plan for the future development of the Rice Division. At noon on June 26, the meeting was successfully concluded.

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