Professor Yang Zhenyu, a famous agricultural scientist, visited Sanya base in Huimin, Hubei Province


Professor Yang Zhenyu, a famous agricultural scientist, visited

Hubei Huimin Sanya Base Investigation

On March 28, Professor Yang Zhenyu, a famous agricultural scientist and chief breeder of Huimin, led his assistant Zhang Jie to visit Sanya Base of Huimin in Hubei Province to carry out inspection work.

Company COO Li Daolong accompanied Professor Yang Zhenyu to carry out the inspection work.

(COO Li Daolong (left) and Professor Yang Zhenyu (right))

(Check the growth of Hui grain)

(Observe crop growth)


Through this visit, Professor Yang Zhenyu expressed satisfaction with the growth of crops and expressed high recognition to Huimin in Hubei!

If you recognize Huimin's brand, products and market prospects,

We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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