Honghu Chunlu Crop Planting Professional Cooperative Association Appears at National Tour Exhibition of Landmark Specialty of 100 TV Stations


From May 6 to 15, 2016, the national tour exhibition of landmark specialties of 100 TV stations in China, the first stop was held in Wuhan Jingshi group purchase hall in Hubei Province. The landmark specialty exhibition hosted by Hubei Economic Television is also the first large-scale and large-scale TV innovation activity and attempt of the national terrestrial channel in the national TV industry.

Among them, the Honghu Chunlu Crop Planting Professional Cooperative Association organized by the Hubei Provincial Federation of Farmers Cooperatives, the Hubei Tianhui Planting and Breeding Professional Cooperative Association, and the Zhongxiang Laolangwang Beekeeping Professional Cooperative and many other cooperatives participated in the event. Attract the attention of many participants.

First Tour Station · Wuhan Site

Honghu City Spring Dew Crop Planting Professional Cooperative Union Tour Site

Participants tasted ratooning rice on the spot

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