Rice sales department "skinning meeting"


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-Remember the "skinning" meeting of the rice sales department


What is a "skinning meeting"? It's a meeting where employees criticize face-to-face.

On the afternoon of May 11, 2016, the Rice Sales Department successfully held a "skinning meeting" in the conference room on the second floor of the company ". The meeting was presided over by Cheng Bo, director of rice sales department, and Niu Pingjiang, director of after-sales department, was specially invited to attend.

First of all, Director Cheng Bo declared the "peeling" instructions, principles and "why do you want to peel my skin", and explained the "relative growth" and "absolute growth". We should pursue absolute growth and perfect transformation like "eagle". Then, the staff "skinned" Qin Yugang, Liao Fei, Fu Jianbing, Yu Liang, Zhou Chuanwen, Cheng Bo, etc ". During the "skinning" period, Director Niu Pingjiang made sincere comments on each employee.

Three hours is very short. It is only a moment in the long river of each employee's life, but the memory left to us is eternal. The "peeling meeting" that makes people feel wronged and painful urges us to correct our mistakes and grow in pain. Such growth must be absolute growth. This meeting truly interpreted "pain and happiness", the distance between colleagues has been narrowed, some unknown barriers have been eliminated, and our hearts have come together.

The "skinning meeting" of the rice sales department was successfully held with excellent results!

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