Love Dragon Boat Festival, Qianjiang Spring Rain Farm Tour


In June, spring is far away, silently, bringing a brilliant season. Summer is also coming quietly. The Dragon Boat Festival has just passed. In order to promote the communication between employees, create a harmonious collective atmosphere, enrich the spare time life of employees, and enhance the cohesion of the team. All members of our company went to Qianjiang on June 12 to take part in the 2-day tour of Chunyu Farm.
At 1: 30 p. m., the little friends set off in a mighty way. although it rained heavily on the way, it could not affect our pace of progress. After more than 3 hours of travel, we arrived at the destination. The farm is very simple and unique. It is the season of gardenia blooming. The rich gardenia fragrance fills the entire courtyard. The hospitable host brought the just picked peaches. Gently bite, crisp and sweet. And prepared a delicious dinner for us. They are all local specialties and authentic farm dishes, and they feel at home. The most worth mentioning is the characteristic of Qianjiang prawns, especially garlic shrimp, delicious. During the meal, Huimin's leaders also came to raise glasses with everyone and hoped that everyone would continue to work hard. Happy life in Huimin, satisfactory work! I am very touched by the approachability of the leaders and deeply moved by this loving family.


After drinking and eating, the farm provided a lot of entertainment, and everyone was free to move around. There were groups of poker players, young people singing together, tea chatting together, and walking in the courtyard. The whole warm picture of a happy and loving people.
The first stop in the morning of the next day was Zhang Huatai in "Miyue Biography". This station was once known as the first station in the world. Although it is difficult for us to witness the whole picture of the past, we can still feel this mighty and majestic.


In addition to Zhanghuatai, there are five other stations, each with beautiful scenery. There are willows and willows, graceful; there are lotus leaves and fields, and fish play among the lotus leaves; there are beautiful mountains and clear waters, blue waves, and occasionally the wind blows, and the calm lake ripples. There are large tracts of flowers and all kinds of unknown flowers competing for beauty and beauty in this great time, and what is even more surprising is that when we go up the muddy path, large tracts of lavender come into view, as if falling from the sky and slowly spreading. There are also many butterfly fairies dancing. Everyone is attracted by this beauty. A photo record of this beautiful scenery.


Next we visited the Huashan (Zhao Nao) modern agricultural base. Through the introduction of the base plate manager, we learned that the 10,000 mu base here can produce 6000 tons of rice and 1620 tons of crayfish every year. In the current lobster season, farmers can earn 2 to 30000 a month. Pan manager also very seriously introduced the management concept and mode of shrimp rice to his small partners. Let us have a clearer understanding of the alternate cycle of shrimp and rice cultivation, and for the first time know the principle of raising aquatic plants to raise shrimp well.


Finally, I went to the Jujin Rice Processing Center and witnessed the whole process from rice to white rice. The operation mode of full mechanical automation and the clean and tidy processing environment also make me sigh at the rapid and modern development of agriculture.


At about ten past three, we began our return journey. On the way back through Lobster City. Such a huge lobster statue is erected in the center of the square. It is said that it is called the largest lobster statue in China at present. The square is surrounded by various special shrimp shops, which makes you feel that Qianjiang lobster really deserves its reputation.
Happy time is always very short, unconsciously to the collection time. On the way back, we savored the local conditions and customs and the scenery we had seen in the past two days. Can't help but show a happy smile. And a picture with a smile also left the most beautiful memories.
Through this activity, mutual understanding and friendship between employees have been enhanced. It enlivens everyone's atmosphere and enhances the cohesion of the team. Moreover, the shrimp and rice production base and rice processing center we visited also let us know more about the company's products and the future development mode of the agricultural industry, thus increasing more knowledge and helping us to carry out our work better in the future!



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