Our company's product LongLiangyou 110 passed the examination and approval of Anhui Province.



My company's products dragon two excellent110

approved by Anhui Province

Name: Dragon Liangyou110

Variety (ecological) type: late indica two-line hybrid rice varieties do wheat stubble direct seeding first direct seeding varieties

Approval No.: Anhui Rice2016015

Applicant: Beijing Genqing Seed Co., Ltd.

Breeder: Beijing Genqing Seed Co., Ltd.

Variety Source: DragonS(from XuS× 133S× R110(from Xu Dao8No./Redaceae5No.//plant selection23-1

Main characteristics:2012year,2013Results of two-year regional test: average plant height104Cm, mu effective spike22Total number of grains per panicle135Grain and seed setting rate83%Thousand-grain weight25g. resistance to low temperature and chilling injury2Grade (empty rate16.9%). full growth period119Days or so, than the control variety (Xieyou92) Precocious1Day.

Resistance performance: resistance identification by the Institute of Plant Protection, Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences,2012Year-sensitive rice blast (comprehensive anti-finger6.75), medium resistance to rice false smut (disease refers5.4), susceptible to sheath blight (disease refers48.81), bacterial blight (disease refers56.12);2013mid-year resistance to rice blast (integrated resistance finger5.00), high resistance to rice false smut (disease refers0.7), susceptible to sheath blight (disease refers58.00), bacterial blight (disease refers64.00)。

Quality performance: inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture Rice and Products Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center,2012The annual rice quality reaches the department standard3Class,2013The annual rice quality reaches the department standard1Level.

Yield performance: under general cultivation conditions,2012Regional test yield per mu in551.9Kg, increase yield compared with control variety6.28%(very significant);2013Regional test yield per mu in574.2Kg, increase yield compared with control variety6.47%(very significant);2014Yearly production test yield per mu529.9Kg, increase yield compared with control variety5.03%.

Key points of cultivation techniques:1. Sow sparsely and evenly to cultivate strong seedlings.2. apply enough base fertilizer, apply early and heavy tillering fertilizer, transplant in shallow water, live trees in inch of water, tiller in thin water, and expose and sun-dry fields in time.3. Timely control of rice thrips, stem borers, rice leaf roller and rice planthopper and other pests and diseases.

Suitable for extension area: along the Yangtze River, Jiangnan double cropping rice blast light area.



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