Breeding and Popularizing a Batch of New Water-saving Wheat Varieties in China


Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, May 21 (Reporters Bai Mingshan and Dong Jun) Since the launch of the national joint scientific research on improved wheat varieties, a number of new water-saving wheat varieties with an average water saving of more than 30% have been cultivated and promoted, achieving high wheat yields without reducing production, and solving the problem of groundwater overexploitation in the North China Funnel Area.

This is what the reporter learned from the on-site exchange meeting of water-saving varieties in North China wheat region held here on the 21st.

In view of the shortage of water resources in the groundwater funnel area of North China and the aggravation of scab damage in Huang Huainan slices, the national wheat improved varieties major scientific research joint research team successively identified and bred water-saving materials and scab-resistant materials, and selected 7 water-saving wheat varieties such as Shi Mai 15, Shi Mai 22 and Hengguan 35, and 9 scab-resistant varieties such as Xi Nong 511, Zheng Mai 9023 and Ningmai 26.

Water-saving varieties can achieve a yield of more than 1000kg per mu under the conditions of sowing with sufficient moisture and watering in spring. The green wheat varieties with better resistance to scab can effectively control and reduce the damage of scab. The cultivation and promotion of these new varieties indicates that China's wheat breeding research has reached a new level of high yield, green and high quality on the basis of maintaining the international leading level of yield.

Zhang Yanqiu, director of the Seed Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that the promotion of water-saving and drought-resistant wheat varieties has solved the problem of overexploitation in the groundwater funnel area in North China, promoted the recovery of the groundwater level, and increased the average economic benefit per mu by more than 100 yuan. The promotion of water-saving and drought-resistant varieties has become North China. The fundamental way out for sustainable development in the wheat region. Wheat scab is a worldwide disease, which not only reduces wheat production, but also greatly reduces the quality and affects food safety. Compared with the promotion of new wheat varieties resistant to scab, the amount of pesticide is greatly reduced, the yield of wheat is stabilized, and the quality of wheat is improved.

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