The province's early rice mechanized seedling raising site observation meeting was successfully held in the seedling raising base of Honghu Chunlu Cooperative Union.



The province's early rice mechanized seedling raising site observation meeting was held in Honghu Chunlu Cooperative

United Society Seedling Raising Base Successfully Held

 24 MarchOn the 15th, the province's early rice mechanized seedling raising site observation meeting was successfully held at the seedling raising base of the spring dew cooperative union.Pi Shaocheng, deputy director of the provincial agricultural machinery, Ren Yaowu, head of the provincial agricultural mechanization technology extension station, Wang Min, deputy secretary of the Honghu Municipal CPC Committee, Ye Jiasue, deputy mayor of the municipal government, responsible persons and promotion stationmasters of prefectures, cities and related counties and cities in the province, representatives of agricultural machinery cooperatives, and news media140People attended this meeting.

Accompanied by Honghu City leaders Wang Min and Ye Jiasue, Pi Shaocheng, deputy director of the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau, and his party came to the Chunlu Union Base in Fengkou Town to learn more about the production process, sales scope, and economic benefits of the Chunlu Union Base. After carefully examining the agricultural machinery facilities, drone applications, seedling raising sites, strawberry gardens, etc., Pi Shaocheng fully affirmed the development process of Chunlu Union in large-scale agricultural machinery application.

On behalf of the Honghu Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Wang Min congratulated the convening of the on-site meeting, and pointed out that in 2015, our city continued to increase government support for the purchase of agricultural machinery, actively innovated service mechanisms, vigorously promoted rice mechanized seedling raising technology, and accelerated the cultivation of new subjects. Optimize services and strengthen supervision in accordance with the law. The total power of agricultural machinery in the city has reached114.1Ten thousand kilowatts, rice farming harvest comprehensive mechanization level reached.76%, the machine insertion operation area reaches51.36Ten thousand mu, the application level of agricultural machinery in the leading agricultural industry has been accelerated, and the level of agricultural machinery equipment, operation level, science and technology level, safety level and service level have been significantly improved, providing strong support for the development of modern agriculture. Zhang Yongqian, chairman of Chunlu Association, reported the production situation of the base to the leaders.

  The newly bred ratooning rice seedlings in the seedling raising greenhouse have broken their shells and spit green.

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