Realizing the Development of Agriculture through Science and Technology to Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Modern Agriculture



Realizing the development of agriculture through science and technology Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Modern Agriculture

Honghu Chunlu Cooperative Association


As modern agricultural production is more and more concentrated in the advantageous areas, science and technology has become one of the important means of modern agricultural development. What needs to be emphasized is that agricultural science and technology has a significant basic, functional, and social nature. This positioning means that the government and the relevant institutions of national agricultural science and technology must play a leading role. It is necessary to make agricultural technology research and development focus on solving practical problems and emphasize invention. Light benefits, heavy quality over quantity, heavy application over results, to combine technology and economy, integrate various resources, break the limitations of departments and regions, and integrate scientific and technological resources, establish a collaborative innovation mechanism so that farmers can feel the advanced nature of science and technology cost-effectively and conveniently.

At present, the state focuses on cultivating new agricultural financial entities, and the national policy takes demonstration cooperatives as the focus of support, allows cooperatives to undertake projects, gradually expands farmers' participation in farmland development, farmland water conservancy construction, and cultivates cooperatives as the main force to undertake agricultural extension, so that cooperatives can assume more responsibilities for agricultural development.

Therefore, in order to speed up the economic development of Honghu and drive Honghu farmers to become rich, Honghu science and Technology Bureau actively promotes agricultural development, makes full use of natural resources, integrates all forces, and promotes agriculture through science and technology through the agricultural promotion of Honghu Chunlu crop planting professional cooperative association, increases farmers' income, and leads farmers out of a road of relying on science to become rich.

Basic information on the 1. Cooperative Association

Honghu City Chunlu Crop Planting Professional Cooperative Association is a collection of agricultural technology, agricultural machinery, agricultural materials, plant protection, etc.30A new type of agricultural management consortium jointly established by a number of professional farmer cooperatives and grain processing enterprises, relying on the unique natural ecological environment of Honghu City, vigorously develops the planting of ratooning rice, implements one-stop production, supply and marketing, and integrated management of agriculture, industry and trade. Union in2013Year10Monthly registration, registered capital1600Ten thousand yuan, member3450People.2014In, honghu city Chunlu Crop Planting Cooperative Union registered two trademarks, "Honghu Chunlu" and "Honghu Lotus Fragrance", and obtained four green food certificates such as "Chunlu Ratooning Rice Fragrant Rice" and geographical indications of "Honghu Regenerated Rice.

The 2. Cooperative Association has effectively promoted the rapid and efficient development of modern agriculture.

1, strengthen agricultural science and technology research and development.

The production of regenerated rice in Honghu Lake has increased grain production, increased farmers' income, and truly realized "planting one harvest, two to three" (planting two seasons, and output value per mu3000Yuan) goal, changed the past "a piece of rice fields, whiteboards and other Chinese New Year" half a year abandoned phenomenon. Press20Ten thousand mu calculation, regeneration season yield600Jin/mu, can increase production throughout the year1.2billion catties of grain,2Billion of agricultural output value, excluding costs2000Ten thousand, farmers can increase income1.8Billions of yuan has greatly increased the enthusiasm of farmers in farming. The association has carried out high-yield grain creation activities in a down-to-earth manner, and actively guided farmers to develop large-scale, high-quality, and industrialized grain production.

2. Strengthening agricultural technology extension and scientific and technological services

Based on the reality that "agricultural development depends on science and technology, and farmers' income needs science and technology", experts and professors from inside and outside the province such as Huazhong Agricultural University and the Academy of Agricultural Sciences are "invited in" to guide farmers to plant new varieties, apply new technologies, and apply new fertilizers. According to the characteristics of the industry and the needs of farmers, send agricultural science and technology to the countryside, move the podium to the farmers, set the classroom in the field, highlight one village, one product, strengthen practice and follow-up services, so that farmers can really benefit. Relying on the science and technology SMS release platform, according to different farming times, agricultural science and technology information such as planting, breeding, and policies are sent to farmers' mobile phones in a timely manner, so that farmers can learn practical and effective planting and breeding techniques, and agricultural science and technology services have achieved full coverage of administrative villages.

3. Strengthen the cultivation of agricultural talents

Based on the training needs of farmers and the actual work, relying on the "National Grassroots Agricultural Technology Extension Subsidy Project", "New Professional Farmer Cultivation", "New Farmer Entrepreneurship Training" and other projects, vigorously integrate various educational resources, multi-level, multi-channel, and Multi-form to carry out new farmer training.

Through vigorously carrying out scientific and technological training for farmers, it has effectively promoted the transformation of rural labor force from physical type to skilled type, improved the planting and breeding level, entrepreneurial ability and comprehensive quality of farmers in our city, broadened their horizons, emancipated their minds, and gradually transformed into a new type of farmers with modern market consciousness, benefit consciousness, innovation consciousness and management consciousness, It has trained talents for the construction of a new socialist countryside. At the same time, we should speed up the promotion of agricultural science and technology, make the majority of villagers speak science in farming, rely on technology for management, increase crop yield, reduce costs, increase farmers' income, and promote the development of rural economy and society in our city.

3. the development of cooperative association brand building, improve the commercialization of agricultural products

Honghu Cooperative Association has registered two trademarks, "Honghu Chunlu" and "Honghu Lotus Fragrance", and obtained four green food certificates such as "Chunlu Ratooning Rice Fragrant Rice" and geographical indications of "Honghu Regenerated Rice. Relevant leaders of Hubei Province and Jingzhou City have also visited the Chunlu Union for many times to conduct inspections and investigations, and fully affirmed the development of the Chunlu Union. The acquisition of geographical indications and green food certificates of "Honghu regenerated rice" has changed the consumption of regenerated rice by a small number of people in the past. Ratooning rice has entered large supermarkets in Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangxi, and exported to Xinjiang and other cities (Zhongbai supermarket, Wu Shang, etc.).

Relying on the unique natural ecological environment of Honghu City, Honghu Chunlu Cooperative Association vigorously develops the industrialization of ratooning rice. Under the leadership of the Honghu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and the strong support of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Agriculture Bureau and other units, the Chunlu Cooperative Association will further expand the construction scale of the ratooning rice raw material base, improve processing equipment, carefully develop the ratooning rice market, and establish a production to processing The industrial chain system from then to sales has made Honghu City the first city (county) of ratooning rice in the country!

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