Ministry of Agriculture and Embassy of Malaysia


Ministry of Agriculture and Embassy of Malaysia

senior officials visit hubeiHuimin

2014Year12Month23-24On the same day, Huimin, Hubei welcomed the visit and visit of senior leaders of foreign agricultural departments. Our company is their official visit to Hubei enterprises. The VIP representatives to the company are senior leaders from the Ministry of Agriculture of Malaysia and the Malaysian Embassy in China.:MOHD ARIF BIN AB RAHMAN,MOHD RAIDI BIN MOHD SAID,SHARIF BIN HARON,SHAMSUDDIN BIN ISMAILWait.

Senior officials from Malaysia's Ministry of Agriculture and Embassy in China took a group photo with the leaders of Huimin Company

Company leaders attached great importance to this visit. General Manager Liu Liqing (6 from left), Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Rice Division Li Daolong (3 from right), Assistant Chairman Lian Zhiting (1 from left), Director of Rice Division Niu Pingjiang (2 from right), Director of Sichuan Branch Chen Zhiping (1 from right) and others attended the reception meeting. On behalf of the company, General Manager Liu Liqing reported the company's basic situation and business development strategy to all the people attending the meeting. Li Daolong, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Rice Division, and Chen Zhiping, Director of Sichuan Branch, focused on reporting on rice seed varieties suitable for export trade with Sichuan as the core and the characteristics of various seeds.

Senior officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Embassy of Malaysia visited Huimin and attended the meeting

After the meeting, MOHD ARIF BIN AB RAHMAN, the leader of Malaysia's Ministry of Agriculture, presented the company with a precious Malaysian rice ear souvenir.Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture leaders with the company's general manager

Subsequently, accompanied by the company's leaders, MOHD ARIF BIN AB RAHMAN and others visited Huimin Comprehensive Industrial Park in Hubei Province, learned about the company's advanced experimental equipment, instruments and the whole process of rice processing and packaging, and highly praised our company's advanced equipment and technology.

Malaysian Agriculture Ministry Official Visits Company Laboratory

The visit of high-level Malaysian officials has opened up a channel for Hubei Huimin's fine seeds to go to the world, and also laid a good foundation for the company's export trade.

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December 24, 2014

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