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To benefit the people and benefit the people

-- Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. innovation and development record

On the fifth anniversary of the establishment of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., it was called "a new star in the cotton seed industry". On the tenth anniversary of its establishment, it was praised as "the pioneer of the seed industry in the rise of Jingchu land"; the company's chairman Qi Xianchao and General Manager Liu Liqing is known as the "backbone of China's seed industry". With the concept of "benefiting the people, innovation and development", Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has established a new position in China's seed industry.


Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the first batch of 32 seed enterprises with integrated breeding, reproduction and promotion qualifications approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and a national high-tech enterprise registered by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Now to research, production and sales of high-quality transgenic hybrid cotton, hybrid corn, hybrid rice seeds.

Founded in January 2003, the company now has a registered capital of 0.135 billion yuan, assets of more than 0.244 billion yuan and 150 employees. The company has built a 4.1-hectare "Huimin Seed Industry Science and Technology Park" in Wuhan National Biological Industry Base ". The company has cotton division, rice division, corn division, financial management center, human resourcesResource center, administrative center, quality inspection center, processing center, enterprise management center, cooperative association and Hubei Huimin Seed Industry Research Institute have set up a controlling subsidiary in Xinjiang-Xinjiang Huimin Seed Industry Co., Ltd., Anhui branch in Hefei and subsidiary in Suning, Hebei.

Hubei Huimin is rooted in the land of China, takes the rejuvenation of China's agricultural power as its own responsibility, unswervingly focuses on the breeding, production and promotion of crop seeds, and strives for the prosperity, rich farmers and strong farmers!

R & D innovation results

Product R & D innovation is an important guarantee for the company's sustainable development, and it is also an inevitable requirement to meet customer needs and adapt to industry competition.

Hubei Huimin attaches great importance to the improvement of independent research and development capabilities and the selection and breeding of new varieties. In terms of research and development investment, it vigorously builds breeding bases and builds research and development platforms. The company invested 60 million yuan in Wuhan National Biological Industrial Park to build Hubei Huimin Seed Industrial Park covering an area of 64 acres (Figure 1); it has built more than ten breeding stations in Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hebei, Henan, Xinjiang and other places. There are dozens of test sites, the company's molecular breeding laboratory, tissue culture laboratory, and a relatively complete scientific research system have been established.

(Figure 1) Hubei Huimin Seed Industrial Park


The company has been recognized as a provincial engineering research center, a provincial engineering technology research center, a provincial recognized enterprise technology center, a provincial school-enterprise co-construction R & D center, and a provincial innovative enterprise construction pilot unit. The company's R & D platform has reached a new height.

The company has always attached great importance to the selection of new varieties and seed industrialization, breeding research results continue to emerge. The company has selected 15 new varieties with independent intellectual property rights, especially Ezapian No. 10 is still a control species in the national regional test, and there are 14 varieties such as rice GuangLiangyou No. 5 with exclusive production and management rights. The self-developed new cotton varieties Huahui No. 2, Maize Huimin No. 4, Rice Japonica Liangyou 8682 and other 10 new lines participated in the regional test in the country and Hubei, and performed well, fully demonstrating the company's strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities and stable technology Source and full development potential.

In the development, Hubei Huimin has continuously increased its investment in innovation and the construction of foreign cooperation mechanisms, and attaches great importance to the improvement of independent research and development capabilities and the construction of innovation investment mechanisms.

Over the years, we have always maintained a high-intensity continuous investment in research and development to ensure the smooth implementation of various scientific research infrastructure construction and various scientific research innovation plans. First, the company arranges special funds in the annual budget to engage in scientific research and technology development. The annual R & D investment accounts for no less than 5% of sales revenue, and it increases year by year. With the expansion of the company's business scale, the investment in scientific research funds continues to increase. increase. Second, we should actively strive for the support of relevant scientific research tasks and funds from the state and governments at all levels, and ensure that the special scientific research funds invested by the state and local governments are fully used in accordance with the rules and regulations, and give full play to the role of scientific research facilities and scientific research teams.

The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological cooperation and cooperates extensively with universities and research institutes. Make full use of the talent advantages, technical advantages, excellent breeding materials and sophisticated equipment and other resources of scientific research institutes to achieve complementary advantages and achieve fruitful results.

According to the development of the current agricultural production situation, especially in the process of agricultural modernization, the rapid development of family farms, various professional cooperative organizations and the emergence of large farmers, the company actively carries out production management and business model innovation. Improve the technical service network, improve after-sales service measures, open a 24-hour service line telephone and SMS platform, accept farmers' consultation, provide technical guidance, and solve technical problems encountered in production in a timely manner.

                                            Management innovation benefits

After continuous exploration, Hubei Huimin has innovated and improved the modern enterprise management system of "performance appraisal, comprehensive budget management and authorization system construction.

According to the needs and reality of the company's business development, the management system of the division has been implemented in a timely manner, strengthening the sense of responsibility, ownership, cost and profit, scientific management and strategic development of cadres and employees, and ensuring the improvement of employees' enthusiasm and initiative from the system and mechanism. At the same time, through continuous exploration and reform, we have established a scientific, fair and fair salary management system and performance appraisal system, closely linked the performance appraisal results with personal performance, salary, rewards and punishments, quality and ability, and established the system of "promoting good and suppressing evil", "rewarding the good and punishing the bad" and the benefit distribution mechanism of "fairness and justice", which solved the motivation problem of employees, promote the common growth of employees.

The company implements comprehensive budget management. At the same time, under the support of budget management, the company has formulated detailed authorization management forms and requirements for financial management authority, personnel recruitment, appointment and dismissal authority, fund management authority and other aspects according to the development needs of various business departments, combined with modern management systems and processes, and delegated powers layer by layer, especially since the operation of the management mechanism of the division, fully improve a more complete and comprehensive authorization management process, so that the management of the business unit has a certain degree of autonomy, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of the business unit, and further promote the mastery of market dynamic information in the professional field and the rational allocation of resources in each business unit. Optimize the allocation of various resources and update and improve management policies of the company.

    Quality Innovation Guarantees Quality

The development of an enterprise is inseparable from hard work and historical opportunities. At the same time, it must be able to combine market demand, produce high quality good varieties that the market needs, and firmly protect the quality lifeline.

The pursuit of quality first is an important part of Hubei Huimin's corporate culture, as well as the company's core values and the foundation of corporate culture.

At present, the company has established a high-quality seed production base of 50000 mu in Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Gansu, Fujian and other provinces, with an annual production and processing of 15 million kg of various crop species.

In seed production, the implementation of the "four no" system. First, the initial inspection is unqualified and not transported. Second, the stored wool seeds are not up to standard and are not processed. Third, the processed seeds are not qualified and not packaged. Four is the comprehensive control of unqualified seeds are not sold.

There is a set of perfect management measures in seed production technology, seed production scale, quality control, processing and packaging technology, and the quality is stable and reliable.

The company attaches great importance to the construction of quality inspection team and quality inspection facilities. The company's existing inspectors are all certified, seed testing laboratory area of 680 square meters, with PCR amplification instrument, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, artificial intelligence climate germination room and other high-end cutting-edge testing equipment. In particular, the application of DNA molecular detection technology in seed purity detection is at the leading level in the industry. It has set up a security firewall for the company's products to ensure seed quality and firmly protect the quality lifeline.

                                           Service Innovation Tree Brand

Huimin always adheres to the purpose of serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers and benefiting the people's livelihood, and pursues the philosophy of benefiting others and themselves, and sharing by others. While striving to enhance the brand image and improve the internal and external quality of seeds, Huimin has a high understanding of customer service in the company's development process. Through years of fruitful attempts, a complete set of technical service system has been innovated.

The first is to set up a special service organization, led by experts who understand theory and have rich practical experience, to form a service team that combines old, middle-aged and young people to ensure the high quality and continuity of service.

If you recognize Huimin's brand, products and market prospects,

We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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