Stand longer and get rich! Wei Liangyou 1019 to Create Longping Gaoke New Generation Rice Core Single Product


From August 23 to 25, the first national launching conference of the Weiliangyou 1019 high yield competition with the theme of "making tons of grain in response to the times" was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. More than 600 people from Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi and other places, county-level agents, some township dealers, professional rice planting cooperatives, large grain growers, and local seed industry and rice company bosses in Hunan participated in this event. They gathered together to discuss big plans and strive to make the hybrid rice Weiliangyou 1019 varieties better, bigger and more valuable, so that they can "stand longer and harvest rich"!


Group photo of participants

Li Buxun, director of Longping High-tech Industry Management Center, said in his speech that Changsha, Hunan is the main base for China's super rice research and development, and Yangguao in Longhui County is a blessed place for super rice cultivation and high yield. Seed industry is a modern agricultural chip, a national basic strategic core industry and an important guarantee for national food security. Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., as a holding subsidiary of Longping High-Tech under CITIC Agriculture, is the main operating platform of CITIC Longping in the Hubei seed market.


Li Buxun, Director of Longping High-tech Industry Management Center

Li Buxun suggested that Hubei Huimin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale national seed enterprise with strong scientific and technological strength, good variety quality, and high market reputation. It is a very trustworthy and conscientious enterprise. At present, the competition in the seed industry market is fierce, so it is suggested that partners should change their ideas, innovate their business models, practice changing lanes and overtaking, choose excellent varieties suitable for market promotion, and choose excellent enterprises suitable for friendly cooperation. to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation among companies, merchants and farmers.

 Wei Liangyou 1019 stand longer and get rich!

At noon on the 24th, the delegates went to Yangguao Town, Longhui County to observe the high-yield cultivation site of Wei Liangyou 1019. The compact plant type, stout stalk, heavy rice spike and high seed setting rate of 96% have made dealers stop to watch and take photos carefully. The Wei Liangyou 1019 variety, which is continuously planted with 120 mu, has outstanding performance, gratifying growth, high yield and resistance, large spike and many grains, and has won high praise from the delegates. It indicates that Wei Liangyou 1019 variety will become Wei Liangyou series hybrid rice large single product, become Longping Gaoke and Hubei Huimin company large varieties and a shining new star.


The outstanding performance of Wei Liangyou 1019 varieties has attracted the attention of merchants.

Yang Yuanzhu, vice president of Longping Hi-Tech and president of the Seed Industry Science Research Institute, said that Wei Liangyou 1019 variety is a strong combination bred by crossing Hua Wei 338S and Hua Hui 1019. It has four distinctive characteristics: good yield, moderate maturity, and the regional trial yield from 2018 to 2019 increased by more than 7% compared with the control species for two consecutive years. Strong resistance to rice blast, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance at seedling stage and high temperature resistance at spike stage. The plant is short and strong, the grain structure of spike is reasonable. The whole refined rice rate is above 71%, the chalkiness degree is 0.3-0.9, the amylose content is 15%, the gel consistency is 80mm, the rice quality is excellent, reaching the first-class level of high quality of the department standard.


Yang Yuanzhu, Vice President of Longping High-tech and Dean of Seed Science Research Institute

South Korea Jianhou, president of Zhenbang Agricultural Machinery Service Professional Cooperative in Huoqiu County, Anhui Province, said that the main business of the cooperative is to provide rice production trusteeship services, provide excellent varieties, means of production and planting techniques, and recycle rice at a guaranteed price. This year, 2000 mu of Weiliangyou 1019 varieties will be planted and 50000 mu of managed rice will be produced. The overall performance is good, with a yield of more than 1800kg per mu, and more than 5000 mu next year, through radiation to drive the surrounding farmers to carry out large-scale cultivation of Wei Liangyou 1019 varieties.

Zhang Ming, manager of Anhui Chuzhou mingguang jinnonghui agricultural materials co., ltd., who is engaged in rice purchasing and processing, said that Wei liangyou 1019 varieties have good finished rice rate and grain shape appearance in addition to high and stable yield, especially the finished rice rate is more than 10% higher than that of ordinary varieties. after processing rice, the products have added value, good commodity nature and high efficiency, and both farmers and citizens like them.

Huahui Brand Marketing Operation Wei Liangyou 1019

Excellent varieties also need excellent teams to operate. He Chao, general manager of huahui brand of Hubei Huimin agricultural science and technology co., ltd., introduced at the meeting that the company highly focused on the 1019 varieties of Wei lianyou, devoted itself to making it the company's valuable core single product, and insisted on systematic operation to create greater value with high quality standards.

Wei Liangyou 1019 has outstanding advantages in varieties and is reputed as "high-yield heavy equipment, anti-falling artifact, rich expert and rich expert" by farmers, which is especially suitable for large-scale planting by large grain farmers. has the following three advantages:

The plant type is ideal, and the dwarf stalk is resistant to lodging: the plant height is about 115cm, the stalk is stout, the basal internodes are short, the stalk is thick, the toughness is strong, the plant type is compact, the tillering is strong, the basal leaves are few, the permeability is good, the sword leaves are straight, and the green branches and waxes are strong.

Disease resistance, high yield, excellent rice quality: large spike and dense grain, main stem spike up to more than 380 grains, tiller spike up to 220 grains, field planting size spike is basically the same, 1000-grain weight over 26g, whole rice rate as high as 71%.

Wide and easy to plant, good heat resistance: the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River have been examined and approved, and the rice areas in South China have passed the examination and approval. The sowing width, early sowing, medium sowing and late sowing are all suitable. It is suitable for ratooning rice, mid-season rice and one-season late rice in the Yangtze River Basin, and is planted early and late in the South China rice region, with strong heat resistance and high seed setting rate.


He Chao, General Manager of Huimin Huahui Brand in Hubei Province

Huang Dan, Dean of Longping High-tech Business School and Deputy Minister of Human Resources, said that the current seed industry market should develop with high quality. The core is focus, focus and differentiation, focus on the core market, focus on the core single products, promote differentiated fine varieties, seize the market with high-quality varieties, high-level marketing and high-standard services, and strive to create high value.


Huang Dan, Dean of Longping High-tech Business School and Vice Minister of Human Resources

Huang Dan said that the era of change requires innovative ideas, and the changing market requires breakthrough thinking. It is suggested that dealers must implement accurate marketing services after selecting the core variety Wei Liangyou 1019, and must put the best varieties into the most suitable market area for promotion. At the same time, they should do a good job in activities such as Wei Liangyou 1019 variety observation meeting, production test meeting and order meeting according to the requirements of high quality and high standard, plan early publicity, start early collection, and strive to overfulfill the task.

Lu Liwei, general manager of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., said that good varieties come from good parental blood ties. Hua Wei 338S is a super sterile line and an improved and upgraded version of Longke 638S. Its advantages are obvious, with short stem nodes, strong lodging resistance, many tillers, high yield and large spike, large grain weight, soft rice type, good eating taste, strong stress resistance in the field and high temperature resistance. Huahui 1019 is also a strong restorer line with strong affinity and high-quality rice blood relationship. The field performance is moderate and compact, with strong stems, high seed setting rate, fertilizer resistance and lodging resistance, and excellent rice quality.



Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Lu Liwei

General manager Lu Liwei said that after 20 years of development and precipitation, Hubei Huimin Company has laid a solid foundation in the construction of scientific research and innovation platform, infrastructure and base construction, business operation system, crop layout and development, data-based process operation management system, team building and personnel training and promotion, and has the basic conditions for strengthening and improving large single products. Wei Liangyou 1019 is the first national core single product operated by Hubei Huimin Company's Huahui brand. In one year, the marketing network has spread all over the five provinces in central and southern China and the main rice producing areas in southwest China, with more than 20 marketing elites. With the strong support of the company, Huahui brand team is fully confident and has the strength to shoulder the heavy burden, open up the core market, and strive to create the core single product of Wei Liangyou series hybrid rice.

General Manager Lu Liwei also introduced the breeding process and variety advantages of the third generation of Jun Liangyou series Jun Liangyou 8549, Jun Liangyou 8294 and Jun Liangyou 5287, which are exclusively operated by Hubei Huimin Company. Longping High-tech Seed Science Research Institute will continue to cultivate super-high-yield varieties to improve the yield level. Cultivate high-yield varieties of early-maturing double-cropping rice and ratooning rice to improve the replanting index; Cultivate high-yield varieties resistant to diseases, insects and adversity to improve the stable yield capacity; Cultivate barren-tolerant and saline-alkali-tolerant high-yield varieties to improve the yield of medium and low-yield fields. The company focuses on promoting high-yield rice varieties, ensuring the safety of national food production and helping the revitalization of rural industries.

If you recognize Huimin's brand, products and market prospects,

We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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