Causes and Countermeasures of Premature Senescence in Cotton Field


1. Premature aging due to lack of fertilizer: insufficient fertilization or more boll setting, high nutrient consumption, resulting in premature aging due to fertilizer removal, fertilizer should be supplemented in time. According to the flowering position in early August, it can be judged that if the flower is located at the first fruit node of 6 inverted sets, top covering fertilizer and foliar spraying fertilizer should be applied early.

2, drought dehydration solid fertilizer, crops can absorb fertilizer by absorbing water, cotton leaf color darkens, withering at noon indicates water shortage, should be drought-resistant at night.

3, waterlogging rotten roots, autumn rain more years, soil water content, poor ventilation, root loss of vitality, difficult to absorb nutrients, should be deep ditch drainage, ventilation temperature.

4, disease and insect hazards, red spider, night thief, smoke planthopper harm functional leaves, regulation blight disease, two wilt disease blocking conduction tissue, should be timely spraying prevention and control.

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