Why cotton should not be sown too early


Cotton sowing must be 5cm below the surface when the ground temperature is stable through 12 ℃ and the air temperature is stable through 15 ℃. The time to reach the above temperature in Jianghan Plain and Yangtze River Basin is generally around April 10. Most years, before and after the Qingming Festival, there are moderate or above cold air invasion, sowing too early, not conducive to full seedlings, strong seedlings. In addition, early sowing can also cause the following undesirable consequences:

1. Cotton seedlings suffer from freezing injury, and the slow seedling period is long after transplanting.

2, oil, wheat cotton seedbed period is long, prone to weak seedlings and line seedlings.

3. Early sowing and early onset fields are easy to become pest trapping fields.

4. Early-onset seedlings are difficult to avoid the first high incidence period of two wilt diseases (mid-to-late June).

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