About cotton bollworm control


Insect-resistant cotton is not insect-free cotton. During the peak period of cotton bollworm occurrence, medication is still needed to prevent and control. At the beginning of egg laying of the third generation of cotton bollworm in 2., calcium superphosphate leaching solution can be sprayed by soaking 5kg of calcium phosphate in 100kg of water for 2 hours, stirring for 3-4 times, filtering the leaching solution with gauze, and spraying it on the top of cotton beads, which has evasive effect on egg laying of cotton bollworm.

During the peak period of infestation, pesticides are used for prevention and control. Generally, phosphorus insecticides and pyrethroid pesticides are used for prevention and control, or some new pesticides with compound agents are directly selected. Organophosphorus pesticides such as 50% methyl 1605,50% monocrotophos, 50% methamidophos, 40% omethoate, 50 ml of water per barrel, 2.5 kung fu and 5% laifulin are used for pyrethroid pesticides. 20% Kommel, 30 ml of water per barrel.

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