Huimin, Hubei through the Wuhan Customs AEO advanced certification


   On September 6, Wuhan Customs issued the AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise Certificate to Huimin, Hubei. According to the "the People's Republic of China Customs Enterprise Credit Management Measures", in accordance with the "Customs Certification Enterprise Standards", our company applied for, took more than a year to prepare and rectify, after the Wuhan Customs field investigation, on-site review, Hubei Huimin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. finally passed the customs AEO certification.

     It is understood that at present, there are more than 1.3 million enterprises that have obtained general customs certification, while less than 3000 enterprises have passed advanced customs certification, and there are only 126 enterprises in Hubei Province. Hubei Huimin is also the only enterprise in Hubei seed industry that has passed advanced customs AEO certification. Obtaining the customs certification qualification will be of great significance to Hubei Huimin to improve the management system and improve the efficiency of production and delivery, and lay a solid foundation for the company to expand overseas markets and further enhance its corporate image.

       "AEO" is the abbreviation of "Authorized Economic Operator", which means "certified operator". AEO advanced certification is the highest level of China's customs credit management and the "green pass" for enterprises to carry out international trade. Enterprises can enjoy the lowest inspection rate, exemption from guarantee, priority customs clearance and joint incentive measures of 40 ministries and commissions such as the General Administration of Customs, And enjoy the convenient customs clearance measures given by local customs in more than 20 economies and 46 countries and regions around the world that have achieved AEO mutual recognition with China.

Customs AEO advanced certification has the characteristics of high gold content, strict audit standards and difficult to pass, which is an important part of the national credit construction strategy. Enterprises participating in the advanced certification need to meet the high standards and strict requirements of customs in many dimensions, such as internal control, financial situation, law-abiding norms, trade security, etc. To this end, Wuchang Customs has also set up a special cultivation working group, visited the company for many times, and designated special personnel to carry out accurate "one-to-one" policy propaganda and certification material guidance for the enterprise, helping the company to integrate certification standards into daily business management and finally pass the certification.

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