The scorching sun sends cool and refreshing care warms people's hearts.


 Practice responsibility, feel humanistic care, reflect the company's high-quality development! In recent days, the continuous high temperature weather has made the work of Huimin's front-line employees harder. They are fighting the heat every day and always stick to their posts. Huimin, Hubei, launched a "cool" condolences activity for employees to prevent heatstroke and cool down in 2023, sending "cool" and union "family" care to front-line employees who stick to their jobs in hot weather.

Condolences to core customers and employees of Tianmen and Zhongxiang

From August 8 to 9, Niu Pingjiang, chairman of the trade union, and Yu Lan, director of human resources administration, on behalf of the leaders of Hubei Huimin Company, went to Tianmen City, Zhongxiang City and other front-line sales and Ezhou scientific research bases successively to send heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies to employees fighting in the front line under the scorching sun, urging everyone to pay attention to the combination of work and rest while doing a good job to ensure their own health and safety. During the visit and condolences, I also visited the core partners of the company such as Yu Zhengfa, Luo Zhiyong, Li Leyi, Lu Fangxu, Su Wei, etc., and brought them the care of the company. In this hot weather, they held up a "cool umbrella".

Visit Ezhou to Condole with Rice and Corn Researchers

   The activity of "sending cool and refreshing" is one of the series of activities of the company's trade union to serve and care for employees. Huimin trade union will continue to do a good job in caring for employees, sending cool, warm and healthy activities under the guidance of the company's leaders. Continuously improve the happiness and sense of gain of the company's employees!

If you recognize Huimin's brand, products and market prospects,

We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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