Hubei Huimin 2022-2023 Annual Summary and 2023-2024 Annual Planning Meeting Successfully Held


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Huimin, Hubei2022-2023Annual Summary and2023-2024Annual Planning MeetingSuccessfully held

From July 11 to July 17, Hubei Huimin 2022-2023 Annual Summary and 2023-2024 Annual Planning Conference was successfully held. This meeting carried out the training of the leadership and execution of the company's managers, strengthened the management awareness and management ability of each manager, systematically summarized the work situation, existing problems and deficiencies of each business entity in 2022-23, scientifically planned the operation plan for 23-24, made a special summary report based on the current situation and business reality, and signed the responsibility statement of each business entity, rice production and rice test performance assessment, the theme education and training tour of "Continuously Red Blood Vessels and Inheriting Yan'an Spirit" was carried out. Zou Zhenyu, chairman of Hubei Huimin, Li Buxun, deputy director of Longping High-tech Rice Industry Management Center and director of Hubei Huimin, Lu Liwei, general manager of Hubei Huimin, and Hong Min, chief agronomist, attended the meeting. Heads of business entities, production leaders and core backbones, as well as heads of functional departments, attended the meeting..


 On July 11, a one-day "team management, team motivation and execution" training was carried out to systematically improve the leadership and execution of the company's business entities and managers of various functional departments. From the six elements of team management, the management method of leaders, the cultivation of humanistic strength of managers, and the professional creation of their own and organizational execution, combined with various forms such as actual cases, on-site drills, group and individual PK, systematic and vivid training has been carried out, and good results have been achieved. Everyone has gained a lot and benefited a lot.


 From July 12 to 13, various business entities and functional departments systematically summarized and reviewed the results of the 2022-2023 business year, analyzed the main problems and deficiencies, scientifically planned the 2023-2024 work plan, and signed the 2023-2024 performance appraisal responsibility book on site. During the period, combined with the current market situation and the company's business reality, focusing on the three major crops of rice, corn and cotton, a special summary and report was made.



 In the annual report, the company's general manager Lu Liwei systematically explained the company's work results and performance from 2022 to 2023, fully reviewed the implementation progress and results of various plans, measures, and key directions in the past year, and analyzed the current situation. The situation of the seed industry, combined with the company's current actual situation, comprehensively analyzed the opportunities and challenges facing the company's future development, the main existing problems and countermeasures, the performance target for 2023-2024 is defined and the main work measures and key directions are put forward. He said that Hubei Huimin adheres to high-quality development unswervingly, gathers efforts under the guidance of cultural management, system process and standard efficiency, and takes ideological construction, system construction, style construction, team construction and mechanism construction as the starting point to comprehensively promote various business sectors and functional departments to adapt to the requirements of high-quality development, and proposes that the industry focus on building core large varieties, strengthening the construction of testing and production systems, and building new varieties. Resource integration, twelve specific measures including project acquisition and cooperation, cost-saving and efficiency, slimming and fitness, high-quality development system construction, mechanism construction, team building, image improvement project, function construction and ownership awareness construction, and risk control. He called on the 2023-2024 business year to be the basic year for Hubei Huimin to enter a healthy and strong business, and it is also a year to comprehensively and systematically consolidate the foundation. Each department and individual must fully understand and integrate with themselves, improve and transform, and at the same time cultivate More business backbones, self-reliance, hard work, forge ahead, and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of Hubei Huimin, for the early realization of Hubei Huimin has become China's influential agricultural enterprises and strive!


   After listening to everyone's report, Li Buxun, deputy director of Longping High-tech Rice Industry Management Center and director of the company, highly recognized it and proposed to continue to save costs and increase efficiency, control the cost rate, select good varieties, do a good job in market positioning, and promote it steadily. Make a good production and operation plan, produce according to demand, and reasonably control the stock-to-sales ratio; And expressed his position on resource integration and mechanism innovation, will be from the director level to support and guidance, perform the duties of good directors.

Hong Min, the company's chief agronomist, said at the meeting that the result is the only criterion for the inspection process. In the past year, under the overall requirements of focusing on the core, removing inventory, adjusting the structure and opening a new bureau, the company's overall operating indicators, variety structure, marketing level, external influence, internal confidence have been significantly improved, the ability to control large varieties, production has been stable, individual business entities have flourished, and the company's image and park transformation have been comprehensively improved, the modern enterprise management consciousness of systematization, standardization and standardization is gradually strengthened. What is more gratifying is that the indomitable spirit of struggle, the self-confidence spirit of daring to take the lead, the entrepreneurial spirit of not waiting, the screw spirit of being able to go up and down, and the dedication spirit of suffering first and then sweetness formed in the process of unity and struggle are worth continuing to adhere to and carry forward. It is also proposed that everyone should continue to guard against arrogance and rashness, work steadily, step by step, grasp the core, focus on key points, and performance to ensure the completion of tasks at all stages. At the same time, we must pay attention to the sustainable development of each subject, especially in core products, production safety, and risks. Focus on control and the stability and growth of core personnel.

Zou Zhenyu, chairman of the company, highly recognized the report of the meeting and the results of the joint efforts of all the people in 2022-2023, and highly affirmed the gratifying changes in the company's high-quality development, business combing, structural adjustment, team building and mental outlook, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. He hopes that in 2023-2024, we will adhere to the operation of large varieties, strengthen the awareness of risk, innovation and team management, and focus on the ratio of inventory to sales, accounts receivable and cost control to ensure high-quality growth. At the same time, it is proposed to adhere to the concept of high-quality development, attach great importance to the safety and compliance of production, do a good job in coordination with Longping Hi-Tech Headquarters, strengthen marketing mode and management innovation, do a good job in the decomposition of performance objectives to form a plan, do a good job in process control, implementation in place, and at the same time complete the political task of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. At the meeting, he promptly responded to the suggestions and demands put forward by various business entities. He said that the Hubei Huimin team is a team with agricultural feelings and combat effectiveness. Hubei Huimin has obvious brand and location advantages. He believes that under the leadership of the new board of directors of Longping High-tech Group, Hubei Huimin will become an influential agricultural enterprise in China. The company's vision is just around the corner and will definitely be realized.

From July 14 to 17, the company's management personnel went to Yan'an, the holy land of revolution, to carry out the theme education and training tour of "continuously red blood, inheriting Yan'an spirit.

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