Leaders of Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Investigate Hubei Huimin Gansu Zhangye seed production base


 On July 8, a seed industry inspection delegation led by Xiao Changxi, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, accompanied by Lu Liwei, general manager of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., inspected and investigated Hubei Huimin, Gansu. Zhangye corn seed production base.

Brief Introduction of Maize Seed Production Base in Huimin, Zhangye, Hubei

 The delegation inspected the Hubei Huimin Zhangye corn seed production base, learned in detail about the problems and difficulties encountered by the company in production, and listened to the company's general manager Lu Liwei's report on the situation of corn seed production in Zhangye. Xiao Changxi stressed: seed quality is the lifeblood of seed companies, and seed quality must be strictly monitored to ensure that all standards are met. Actively face the difficulties of base price increases and seed production risks, cultivate more high-yield and stable-yield varieties to cope with the ups and downs of the industry; Pay attention to the promotion of Hubei's self-selected varieties, give full play to the advantages of Hubei's varieties, speed up the promotion of improved varieties of Hubei's seed industry, and let Hubei's brand go further and go better.

Xiao Changxi, deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hubei Province, asked the production staff about the situation of corn seed production.

   Hubei Huimin has an annual seed production area of more than 8000 mu of corn in Zhangye, Gansu Province, all of which are national trial varieties with independent intellectual property rights: Huimin 207, Huimin 6202, Huimin 191 and Huimin 157. In the context of the gradual opening of the national corn genetically modified policy, the company firmly seized the opportunity of science and technology to promote agriculture, laid out in advance, increased investment in scientific research, and accelerated the transformation of target genes of its own varieties. The genetically modified Huimin 207 has completed the approval process.

Duan Zhihong, Director of the Seed Industry Division of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zheng Honglin, Director of the Provincial Seed Administration, and members of the Provincial Seed Association accompanied the investigation.

The seed industry inspection delegation led by Xiao Changxi (front row), deputy director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hubei Province, inspected the Huimin seed production base in Hubei Province.

 On the morning of July 5, Chang Huamin, President of Hubei Seed Association, Li Yaolong, Secretary General of the Association, Cui Dengwei, President of Wuhan Seed Association, and Yang Han, Longshang Channel of Hubei TV Station, visited Huimin, Hubei Province to carry out research. At the meeting, general manager Lu Liwei reported in detail with the provincial and municipal associations on the development of Huimin in Hubei in recent years, and completed the transformation of the Yangtze River Basin from cotton industry to corn industry and rice industry. At the same time, he hoped to strengthen industrial docking through the platform of Hubei Province and Wuhan seed industry association, make use of government guidance and resource integration, give full play to Hubei's local advantages, form a certain industrial competitiveness, and realize high-quality development with industry, efforts will be made to push Hubei Huimin to a new height of development and contribute to the development of Hubei seed industry.

Leaders of Hubei Seed Association and Wuhan Seed Association visited Huimin, Hubei



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