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 From May 23 to 29, the 2022-23 annual resumption summary meeting of Hubei Huimin Rice Division was successfully held. With the theme of "improving cognition, summing up experience, identifying problems, scientific planning, and reaching consensus", the meeting systematically summarized the results and experience of the systematic operation of the Wei Liangyou 534 in the past two years, and found gaps in the target and combined with the process. Insufficiency, good results have been achieved. The group carried out a speech contest for front-line marketing personnel and new employees, and systematically discussed the operation plan of each variety line for the next year by topic, reaching a high degree of consensus.

 Lu Liwei, General Manager of Hubei Huimin, Hong Min, Chief Agronomist, Ouyang Shaobo, Director of Finance Center, and Yu Lan, Director of Human Resources Administration, attended the meeting. Cao Hebing, General Manager of Rice Division, and Xu Junjun, Deputy General Manager, presided over the meeting respectively. All the staff of the marketing centers and marketing department of the rice division participated in the review summary meeting.

   On May 23, the meeting made a summary of Wei Liangyou's 534 review from different levels and dimensions. It listened to the six marketing centers, marketing departments and business departments respectively. From the three dimensions of planning, organization and management, combined with the core counties and cities and the overall operation reality, it made a systematic review, systematically and accurately summarized the gains and losses of each stage of operation, and discussed the next improvement measures. Finally, Cao Hebing, general manager of the rice business department, made a theme report on "demonstrating the courage of responsibility with the power of implementation. He stressed that the 22-23 year is the key year for the rice division to climb the hurdle and decide the future development. Although the macro-economy is relatively difficult, we will continue to consolidate the systematic operation and marketing system through the adjustment of organizational structure, focus on building core large single products, adhere to the result-oriented, give priority to efficiency, strengthen the management process, standardization and standardization, and under the joint struggle and hard work of everyone's unity and concerted efforts, achieve better results. Next, we should continue to adjust the variety structure, take growth as the core, further consolidate the operation system, focus on the advantage resources to lengthen the board, create a "rice base for the benefit of the people", and require all centers and departments to demonstrate their responsibility and courage with the strength of implementation.

   On May 24, a speech contest and award ceremony for marketing front-line business personnel and new employees were held. The contestants fully combined with the actual situation of their posts, systematically summarized the resumption and scientifically planned the next year's work plan. The contestants are well prepared, with clear thinking, each with elegant demeanour and fierce competition. In the end, Rao Junlin and Li Yang won the group championship respectively.

     On May 25, a special seminar and training were held. Based on the operation of the company's main product lines this year, the existing problems and improvement measures were systematically discussed, and a consensus was reached on the operation ideas and directions of the next core varieties Wei Liangyou 534, the new strains Jun Liangyou 3006, Jun Liangyou 2268, the key varieties of shrimp rice and wheat stubble rice, Wan Liangyou HuaZhan and Jin Gui Silk Miao.

Finally, Lu Liwei, general manager of Hubei Huimin, made a systematic summary speech from the current seed industry situation, the company's future development plan, high-quality development requirements and corporate culture. He said that Hubei Huimin is a comprehensive agricultural company with inside information, feelings and development. At present, Hubei Huimin has a good development trend, focusing on three major crops and focusing on building five core single products. Wei Liangyou 534 (rice), Wei Liangyou 1019 (rice), Huimin 380 (corn), Huimin 207 (corn) and Huimin 602 (cotton) have basically consolidated the operation foundation. Secondly, hubei Huimin has reached the stage of high-quality development. The Rice Division should continue to adhere to systematic operation, focus on Wei Liangyou 534, make a good plan around the established goals, decompose the goals, match the measures and results, and "pull nails out of the market one by one". The company gives firm support from the platform, varieties, mechanisms, ideas and methods. Each employee is required to make full use of the platform provided by the company, constantly cultivate himself in the market, develop himself, dare to take responsibility, be patient, enlarge the pattern, let go of the ego, achieve the greater self, and gradually form his own personality charm; third, all personnel should put self-growth in the first place, and only growth can lead to development. The goal must be strong, constantly challenge and plan themselves, cultivate themselves, managers should be systematic and comprehensive, cadres should take the lead and work hard, take a long-term view, and be forward-looking and targeted in combination with the changes that may occur at present and in the future. pay attention to implementation, strong implementation, and get results. Finally, he stressed that we should take the sense of responsibility of "the country is fought by ourselves", take "enterprising, efficient, innovative, and leading" as the core values, strengthen team organization and management, and strengthen the coordination of departments and systems. by fighting big battles, fighting hard battles, and winning battles, we will gradually form the spirit of benefiting the people of "dedication, coordination, responsibility, and optimism.


From the 26th to the 29th, all the staff of the rice division carried out training and study tours, paying homage to the site of the Gutian conference and punching in the colorful Gulangyu island. At the site of the Gutian Conference, all Party members of the Division reviewed the oath of joining the Party and held an oath ceremony. In the Gutian Conference Memorial Hall, we have an in-depth understanding of the background, spiritual core and value of the Gutian Conference, and fully understand its enlightenment and practical significance to the current organizational growth and development of the Rice Division.

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