Lu Liwei, executive general manager of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., was elected vice president of Hubei Seed Association.


On the morning of March 5, the first member meeting of the seventh Hubei Seed Association was held in the International Exchange Center of Huazhong Agricultural University. At the meeting, representatives of 168 seed-related enterprises from various cities and prefectures in Hubei Province gathered together to elect the member units of the Seventh Council of Hubei seed Association, and Hubei Huimin was elected as the seventh vice chairman unit. Lu Liwei, executive general manager of the company, was elected vice president of Hubei seed Association.

President, Vice President and Supervisor of Hubei Seed Association

 At the meeting, the winners of the tasting activity of "Jingchu Grain and Oil" delicious rice varieties were announced. Wei Liangyou Fu Xiang Zhan, the latest high-yield long-grain fragrant rice variety suitable for large-scale planting in Hubei Huimin, was named "Jingchu Grain and Oil" delicious rice, high-quality and high-yield indica rice variety, which will contribute "Huimin" strength to Xiangpiao China's "Jingchu Grain and Oil" Jingchu Grain and Oil "in order to continue to make Hubei seed industry better and stronger, we will further realize the scientific and technological self-reliance of the seed industry, upgrade the grain-linked industry, speed up the green transformation of the mode of development, promote the high-quality development of agriculture, help the revitalization of China's rural areas and seed industry, and contribute to Hubei's strength to ensure national food security from the source.

Wei Liangyou Fu Xiang Zhan was named "Jingchu Grain and Oil" delicious rice, high quality and high yield indica rice variety

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