"Riding on the momentum, full firepower, winning in February" Wei Liangyou 534 (Hubei) Core Customer Marketing Summit Held Successfully


   "You are the most beautiful star in the night sky, illuminating me all the way forward..." Accompanied by the stirring melody of the Divine Comedy (Good Morning Longhui), the 2023 "Take advantage of the momentum and open the fire" Wei Liangyou 534 (Hubei) Core Customer Marketing Summit officially kicked off. Guests attending the meeting included Mr. Lu Liwei, executive general manager of Huimin Group, Mr. Cao Hebing, general manager of Rice Division, representatives of marketing department, center and outstanding distributors of Weiliangyou 534 in Hubei Province, totaling more than 30 people. During the meeting, everyone fully affirmed the variety performance of Wei Liangyou 534 in extreme weather in the past two years, jointly discussed the current seed industry situation and the future development of benefiting the people, and reached a high consensus on Wei Liangyou's 534 of "strengthening household entry and winning in February". They agreed to strictly implement the group's marketing strategy, overcome difficulties and turn Wei Liangyou 534 into a million pieces.

   At 9: 00 a.m. on February 11, 2023, in the secluded and leisurely ten-li Lianhua Yangxin Valley, the host Xu Junjun, head of the Hubei Zhongnan Marketing Center, announced the official start of the meeting! Participants learned about the development of Huimin Group in the past year through vcr. All business entities went hand in hand to achieve overall growth, with annual revenue exceeding 0.16 billion yuan. The whole presents a thriving scene!

   In the first half of the meeting, Liu Desheng, director of the marketing department of Hubei Huimin Rice Division, made a systematic summary and benchmarking of the operation of Wei Liangyou 534 in Hubei region in the past year, and put forward new requirements and standards for the work deployment and various stages of work in 2023. Then three representatives of outstanding dealers made speeches on Wei Liangyou's 534 operation experience and experience. Mr. Wang of Guangshui shared Wei Liangyou's experience of 534 from zero to 33000kg in one year, that is, believing in the company, believing in varieties, keeping up with the pace of the company, and earnestly carrying out the three-stage work. Tianmen Ouyang always shared one understanding and four experiences, especially the re-understanding of Wei Liangyou 534, it fully shows that Wei Liangyou 534 is a good variety that can stand the test of time, and the township farmers' conference also shows the recognition of the variety by the majority of growers. Liu Zong, a public security official, has fully summed up the experiences and lessons through systematic operation for two consecutive years, and has made positive changes and adjustments this year, turning the impossible into possible, with over 60% of the households entering the late sowing area before the year. The speeches of the partners strengthened everyone's determination and confidence in running Wei Liangyou 534. The meeting also commended representatives of outstanding dealers!

      In the second half of the meeting, Song Wen, head of market control, reviewed the market control of Wei Liangyou 534 in the past three years and stressed that he would continue to optimize market management and stabilize the price system by means of hierarchical and classified management to create value for all parties. At the same time, he explained the standards, plans and requirements of market control in the next step. Cao Hebing, general manager of Hubei Huimin rice business department, explained to the participating partners the future development and planning of Huimin rice business. The products and team will be more perfect, so that everyone has a new understanding of the future development of Huimin rice industry, and has enhanced the willingness and confidence of close cooperation! Finally, Lu Liwei, executive general manager of Hubei Huimin Group, comprehensively reviewed the 20-year development process of Hubei Huimin, shared the development of Huimin from the perspective of the group, and discussed the plight of the seed industry and the strategy to break the situation with everyone from the height of the industry!

   Through this meeting, the progress and shortcomings of the work in the past year were summarized, and the next work plan was clarified. All parties at the meeting were full of confidence in the future development of Huimin, Hubei. The participating dealers all expressed that they would never relax and continue to expand. Strengthen Wei Liangyou 534, sprint for the goal of one million catties in Hubei Province, and present a gift for the 20th anniversary of Huimin in Hubei!

   Finally, the core customer marketing summit of Wei Liangyou 534 (Hubei) came to an end with warm applause and a passionate atmosphere.


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