Win the war 2023 take advantage of the situation to win the future


   On January 12, Hubei Huimin 2022 Work Summary and Outstanding Commendation Conference was solemnly held in Wuhan City. The company's executive general manager Lu Liwei, chief agronomist Hong Min and Hubei Huimin's management and management Ouyang Shaobo, Yu Lan, Cao Hebing, He Chao, Ruan Xuequan, Xia Shijie, Tang Haoyue, Niu Pingjiang and senior managers and all employees of various industrial lines in Han attended the meeting on the spot. The foreign subsidiary Xinjiang Huimin Seed Industry, Hebei Suyan General Manager Wu Hongsuo and all employees of the branch attended the meeting online, director of human resources administration Yu Lan presided over the whole meeting.

    From January 6 to 11, the company organized and held annual work summary meetings for scientific research and production respectively, rice division and huahui brand organized and held annual work summary meetings for rice industry marketing respectively, and Xinjiang Huimin seed industry, Hebei suyan seed industry and other sub-companies and subsidiaries organized and held annual business meetings respectively.

At 9:00 a.m. on the 12th, after watching the theme VCR of "winning the war 2023 taking advantage of the situation to win the future", the solemn national anthem officially opened the meeting in the new era of gratitude. At the meeting, Mr. Hong Min, chief agronomist of Hubei Huimin and former general manager of the company, summarized the main achievements of everyone's hard work in recent years on behalf of the previous management. Under the guidance of the three-step strategic goal of steady and strong, the company has achieved the goal of healthy development, is moving towards the goal of becoming stronger and better, and puts forward suggestions and hopes for the new management team to strive for the goal of being better and stronger.

   Subsequently, each industry entity systematically reviewed the main work results in 2022 in the light of its own business practices, and proposed ambitious business objectives and main business strategies for 2023. Cao Hebing of Rice Division made "Compacting and Highlighting the Encirclement", He Chao of Huahui Brand Department made "Gathering the Power of Solid Work and Raising the Light of Struggle", Feng Berlin, Deputy General Manager of Corn and Cotton Division made "Creating a New Height of Huimin 380 Marketing and Giving a Gift to the 20th Anniversary of Hubei Huimin", and Xia Shi of Xinjiang Huimin Seed Industry made "Strive for a New Journey, wu Hongsuo, general manager of Hebei Suyan Seed Industry, made a special report on industrial management such as" Spelling a Year of Spring and Autumn, Sowing a Life Without Regret "and Tang Haoyue of the Ministry of International Trade. 

     Then, Ouyang Shaobo, director of the Financial Management Center, made a special financial report on the "Number of People 2022. This paper makes a systematic analysis of various financial indicators, deeply and objectively shows the current financial situation and continuous improvement trend of Hubei Huimin, and points out the direction of improvement of various crop varieties and industrial lines in 2023. Through the passionate and confident operation deployment of the heads of various industry entities and the financial indicators of sustainable and healthy development, all Huimin people have a better understanding of the company's current situation and future development prospects, which has boosted everyone's confidence and demonstrated their determination to take advantage of the situation and win the future.

     Finally, on behalf of the new management, Executive General Manager Lu Liwei made a special report on "2022 Continuously Consolidate, 2023 Continuously Break Through Yourself. This paper systematically reviews the achievements and highlights in operation and management, marketing, production, scientific research, government project declaration, honorary qualification recognition, international trade, large variety operation, Huahui brand operation, cultural construction and other aspects through the efforts of all Huimin people in 2022, and reviews the development process of Huimin in Hubei Province in the past 20 years. Lu Liwei said that the five core varieties of Hubei Huimin's three major crops are gradually forming, the marketing and production systems are established in an orderly manner, the gross profit is gradually improved, the marketing team and cadre capabilities are gradually improved, and the internal confidence and external influence are gradually improved. Consolidate the foundation for high-quality improvement and development. In 2023, we will fully enter a new stage of high-quality development and improvement. In the future, we still need to continue to learn with a humble attitude, continue to practice with the courage to fight hard, develop the habit of continuous summary, and forge the determination to break through ourselves. Efforts will be made to make Hubei Huimin the first in the local seed industry in Hubei Province and an excellent subsidiary of Longping High-tech Group.

   The company held a grand annual outstanding recognition ceremony. All outstanding individuals and teams that have won Hubei Huimin 2022 Outstanding Employees, Entrepreneurial and Innovative Individuals, Entrepreneurial and Innovative Teams, Dedication and Cultivation Award, Annual Outstanding Contribution Award, Win-Win Cooperation Team and General Manager Special Award were commended. Subsequently, Niu Pingjiang of the Comprehensive Coordination Department and Wang Jinhua of the Rice Division made speeches on behalf of the winners, and at the same time, an interactive lottery was held on the spot.

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