New Stage, New Goals, New Requirements and New Features-Hubei Huimin 2021/2022 Annual Summary and 2022/2023 Annual Work Plan and Performance Target Responsibility Signing Meeting Successfully Held


     On October 26, 2022, Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 2021/2022 annual business summary and 2022/2023 annual business work plan and target responsibility signing meeting were successfully held in the conference room on the second floor of the company's headquarters. Mr. Zou Zhenyu, chairman of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Lu Liwei, executive general manager, Mr. Hong Min, chief agronomist, and middle and senior managers of various industrial entities and functional departments attended the meeting.

Taking "summary" and "signing" as the starting point, unify thinking and clarify responsibilities

       At this meeting, various industrial entities and functional departments systematically summarized the results achieved in 2021/22, summarized the highlights, analyzed the outstanding problems and corresponding improvement measures, and formulated plans for each stage and solutions to core problems for the next year's work according to the budget for 2022/2023. Lu Liwei, executive general manager of the company, signed 2022/23 letters of responsibility for the annual performance targets of each business unit with the heads of six business units. The meeting reached the expected goals, unified the thinking, clarified the business objectives, and laid a solid foundation for the 2022-23 business year.

The company's executive general manager Lu Liwei signed a target responsibility letter with each business unit.

Take "target" and "problem" as the guide, clear direction and formulate measures

     At the meeting, Lu Liwei, executive general manager of the company, made a theme report on "consolidating business foundation and cultivating business backbone" to all participants on behalf of the new management team of the company. Combined with the operation situation in 2021/22, this paper systematically combs and evaluates the financial indicators and performance contribution of core varieties of various industrial entities in Hubei Huimin in the past five years, analyzes and combs the core problems and development directions of various industrial entities. This paper analyzes the dynamic situation of human resources in the past five years, systematically summarizes the highlights of the 2021/22 business year, deeply analyzes the characteristics and situation of the current seed industry, and combines the current situation and current opportunities of Hubei Huimin Company. it is proposed to focus on six major directions, namely, to grasp the core market demand, core varieties, core backbone, system operation, cultural construction and team building.

       In response, Lu Liwei, with the theme of "new stage, new goal, new requirements and new style", planned the annual objectives and tasks of 2022/2023 operation, pointed out the development direction of various industrial entities, and put forward "promoting industrial focus, focusing on core products, expanding advantageous single products, improving the variety structure and strengthening the core market"; Continue to digest part of the inventory, reduce the ratio of stock to sales and increase cash flow; Consolidate the business foundation, improve the operation ability of the marketing team and cultivate business backbones; international trade changes from sales volume to quality to enhance the competitiveness of Hubei Huimin's international business: actively strive for government financial project support; dispose of idle assets, withdraw funds and increase cash flow; carry out the work of "increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, reducing costs and increasing efficiency"; around the construction of the industrial chain, constantly aggregate resources "and other eight measures, put forward the company's medium-and long-term construction plan, risk control and future development prospects.

   On behalf of the previous management team, Hong Min, the company's chief agronomist, reviewed and summarized the main results achieved during his tenure as the company's general manager in recent years, from sustainable development, team building and backbone training, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, historical issues, risk control, In terms of safe production and collaborative management, the new management team put forward the problems that should be paid attention to and solved in the next year's operation, and gave good suggestions.

At the meeting, Zou Zhenyu, chairman of Hubei Huimin, affirmed the achievements made by Hubei Huimin. Combined with the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he analyzed the current macro situation and good opportunities for the seed industry. At the same time, he also pointed out the problems existing in sustainable development and healthy operation. In terms of management, he should fully implement the various systems and management requirements of Longping high tech group headquarters, and check the standards with excellent peers, measures, steps up, with excellent performance contribution to continuously enhance the company's voice. At the same time, it is necessary to continue to strive for strong variety resources from the Longping High-Tech Headquarters and foreign cooperation, improve the mechanism, improve corporate governance, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, creativity and initiative of various industry entities and backbone personnel at all levels.

In order to better promote the work in 2022-2023 and strive to successfully complete the business objectives, specific requirements have been put forward for the themes of various industries: all industrial entities are required to transform the objectives into specific measures, decompose them layer by layer, and assign responsibilities to posts and people. We must strengthen confidence, believe in ourselves, believe in the team, be goal-oriented, problem-oriented, profit-oriented, adhere to the continuous growth of performance, adhere to legal compliance and safe production, do a good job in cost control, and implement management in place."

     After the meeting, the company leaders had a discussion with the heads of various business units and functional departments, and communicated and sorted out the problems and difficulties that may be encountered in the next year's work, and put forward solutions and measures.

 New Stage, New Goal, New Requirements, New Style

Xiongguan Road is really like iron, and now we are stepping forward from the beginning. The meeting was successfully held, marking the Hubei Huimin officially opened a new journey. We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of Longping high tech headquarters, under the guidance of the board of directors and general manager Hong, and under the joint leadership of the members of the new general manager management team and the responsible persons of various subjects, all Huimin people will seize the new opportunities, with new goals and requirements, with a brand-new spirit, unite and cooperate, work hard, and work together to achieve various business objectives. Huimin, Hubei will definitely get better and better. On the new journey, it will definitely achieve better results and provide a satisfactory answer to the headquarters of Longping Group, employees, and family members!

If you recognize Huimin's brand, products and market prospects,

We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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