Huimin, Hubei held a special training on "learning Huawei's advanced concept" to help the company develop rapidly.


      At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, Hubei Huimin, in order to promote the realization of the company's "stable, healthy and strong" three-step development strategy and fully stimulate the team's potential and execution, invited Wang Anhui, assistant president of Longping High-tech, to give a training on the theme of "learning Huawei's advanced concepts and helping Hubei Huimin develop rapidly" from February 14 to 15. Hong Min, general manager of Huimin, Hubei, Lu Liwei, deputy general manager, and all employees of the company's rice, corn and cotton divisions participated in the training.

 At the meeting, Wang Anhui gave two special lectures on "Huawei's Success Code" and "Huawei's Execution" based on his personal work experience. He also interpreted Huawei's successful "Three Major Abilities" code in a profound and simple way in various forms such as group PK, interactive question and answer, case analysis and results testing, inspiring the trainees to seriously think about how to improve their own abilities in combination with their job responsibilities and actual work.

   This training further enhances the training staff's corporate strategic planning and management capabilities, organizational process management capabilities and efficient execution. In order to test the training effect, a group PK competition was set up at the training meeting. Wang Anhui, Hong Min, Lu Liwei and representatives of each group of trainees formed an acceptance review group to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. Wang Anhui highly affirmed and recognized the results of the trainees. After fierce competition, the second group and the first group won the champion and runner-up of the PK competition respectively.

At the meeting, Hong Min summarized this training and the company's development plan for 2022, and asked the company's employees to combine their own jobs, continuously improve their awareness, unify their thinking, take Huawei as an example, find gaps, make up for shortcomings, and implement The training content is implemented in daily work, and strive to achieve another success in 2022, and promote the rapid development of Huimin in Hubei.

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