The research team of Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau went to Huimin, Hubei for investigation.


     On the morning of July 23, Zhao Feng, member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Wang Qiongjiao, Director of the Rural and Social Development Department, and Fu Yunsheng, three leaders visited Hubei Huimin Optics Valley Industrial Park for investigation.

 Hong Min, general manager of Hubei Huimin, made a systematic report to the leaders on the development process of Hubei Huimin, the company's operation and management in recent years, its core competitiveness, and the company's entry into the high-quality development stage of the seed industry under the leadership of Longping High Tech. He briefly introduced the vision and ideas of Hubei Huimin's high-quality development in the future, and also reflected the common difficulties and needs in the development of the seed industry.

     At the meeting, Deputy Director Zhao and Director Wang also conducted full communication and research on the current situation of the seed industry and the difficulties encountered in the development of the seed industry. He also fully affirmed Hubei Huimin's current achievements, and also expressed that he will give more attention and support to future seed industry policies, agriculture-related financial insurance, and industry-university-research docking. Under the leadership of the Ping Group, large-scale and rapid promotion of high-quality varieties will be carried out to further expand and strengthen the enterprise; it is recommended that Hubei Huimin actively join Hongshan Laboratory, and with the help of Hongshan Laboratory's R & D platform to enhance the company's own R & D capabilities and contribute to the construction of Wuhan's species capital!


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