"Learning Party History, Understanding Party Spirit, and Being a Qualified Party Member"-Hubei Huimin Party Branch Launches Party History Learning and Education Activities


In order to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, we should deeply study the party's century-old struggle history, review the oath of joining the party, and encourage everyone to "never forget their original ideals and aspirations and bear in mind their mission" to be a qualified party member. On the afternoon of June 29, 2021, the Hubei Huimin Party Branch launched the theme activity of "Learning Party History, Understanding Party Spirit, and Being a Qualified Party Member". A total of 18 party members and core backbones participated in this activity.

At the meeting, all the staff read the oath of joining the party together. The branch secretary led everyone to study "A Brief History of the Communist Party of China", review the development of the Communist Party of China, and learn the important theoretical achievements and great spirit of various historical periods.

 Comrade Xia Shijie, who has just won the honor of outstanding party member of the group, shared the joy of winning the honorary title, his growth and perception as an old party member, and conveyed the spirit of the document of the party committee of Longping Group and the requirements for all party members. Zhou Chuanwen and Tang Haoyue, two old party members attending the meeting, shared their learning experiences for everyone.

     Under the leadership of the old party members, the scene launched a lively sharing and discussion. Everyone said that through studying the history of the party, we have a deeper understanding of the importance and advanced nature of the Communist Party of China. We must integrate the glorious tradition and spirit of the party into our work in combination with work practice.

General Manager Hong Min proposed around the theme of this study that all Party members and core backbone personnel

 It is necessary to compare the party history and party constitution, self-innovation and self-improvement, carry out criticism and self-criticism, strengthen beliefs, and adhere to the revolutionary spirit of hard work. Combined with the development of the company, we should strive to achieve the goal of gathering a fire and scattered stars, and require the broad masses of party members to strengthen their party spirit and play an exemplary and leading role in the future development of Huimin in Hubei Province. Let's learn together, grow together, work together, discuss and build together, and share results!

Finally, this activity was successfully concluded in the passion of all the staff to review the oath of joining the Party again!

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We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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