President Ma Dehua and his party investigate Huimin, Hubei Province


        On the morning of June 24, President Ma Dehua and Vice President Zou Zhenyu and their entourage investigated Huimin, Hubei. During the investigation, they visited the processing workshop, warehouse and quality inspection laboratory and presided over a symposium. Hong Min, General Manager of Huimin, Hubei, and other members of the leadership team participated in the investigation and discussion and reported on the work.

       At the symposium, Hong Min gave a comprehensive introduction to Hubei Huimin's development history, business status and future development plans, and reported on the solutions to the current difficulties and the support given by the Hope Headquarters.

        Zou Zhenyu said that in the past year, Hubei Huimin has carried out a comprehensive combing and steady adjustment around the overall work idea of "grasping the core, eliminating inventory, adjusting the structure, and setting up new bureaus." it has got rid of the burden, achieved a turnaround from losses to profits, and achieved remarkable results in sound development. I hope to further promote the work in terms of business focus and asset optimization.

     Ma Dehua pointed out that Huimin in Hubei must strengthen its confidence, seize the country's grain dividend policy and the strategic opportunity period of the seed industry, work hard, and keep making progress to consolidate the leading position of the local seed industry in Hubei Province. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously improve business development capabilities, strengthen team building and talent training, maintain close communication with various departments of the headquarters, in-depth practice of corporate culture, continue to consolidate core competitiveness, and meet goals and challenges with a positive attitude.

Chen Guangyao, Director of Strategic Investment, and Fang Jiyou, Minister of Corn Industry Management, accompanied the investigation.

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