The leaders of Hubei Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and the head office of Hubei Bank visited Huimin in Hubei for investigation and research.


   On the morning of June 8, 2021, She Fangyong, Deputy Director of the Hubei Provincial Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, and Xie Ping'an, General Manager of the Credit Management Department of the Head Office of Hubei Bank, visited Hubei Huimin Optics Valley Industrial Park to carry out research on the financial industry's financial support for agricultural enterprise credit business and epidemic relief funds.

   Accompanied by Mr. Hong Min, Executive General Manager of the Company, Deputy Director She of Hubei Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and Chief Xie of Hubei Bank's Credit Department visited the company's product display booth to learn about Hubei's seed industry and agricultural production.

   At 11:30 a.m., a symposium was held in the conference room on the second floor. Hong Min, executive general manager of the company, introduced the development process and operation status of Huimin in Hubei Province to the leaders of the research group, and the company entered the stage of high-quality development of seed industry under the leadership of Longping high tech, and responded to the relevant issues concerned by the leaders of the research group.

   At the meeting, Deputy Director She of Hubei Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau had a simple understanding of our company's capital situation, financial costs and financial needs, and investigated the difficulties encountered in the development of credit business between our company and major banks, saying that the financial industry should vigorously support the real economy, especially enterprises with good reputation related to people's livelihood such as Huimin in Hubei; and gave a high evaluation of Hubei Huimin's achievements in the development of genetically modified hybrid insect-resistant cotton, and affirmed its contribution to ensuring agricultural production in Hubei during the epidemic!

   Through this discussion, the research group has a deep understanding of Hubei Huimin, enhanced the information communication between Hubei government departments, Hubei local finance and Hubei local enterprises, the research group said that the future will be in Hubei Huimin follow-up anti-epidemic relief loans and other credit work will give strong support and more convenience!


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