Great legacy, passing on from generation to generation!


At 13: 07 on May 22, 2021, the beloved Academician Yuan Longping passed away, mountains and rivers sobbed, and the world shared grief.

Academician Yuan Longping is one of the main founders and honorary chairman of Longping Hi-Tech. He is also the guide of Longping's career, the seeder of Longping spirit, and the founder of Longping culture. The death of Academician Yuan Longping is an immeasurable loss to Longping High-tech, China and the world's agricultural scientific and technological innovation, and to the development of global hybrid rice. His death caused great grief in the hearts of all Longping high-tech people, and all the staff expressed their deep condolences to Academician Yuan Longping with a heavy heart!

In order to deeply cherish the memory of Academician Yuan Longping, on May 22, Longping Hi-Tech and CITIC Agriculture, the main shareholder unit, set up a funeral working group to follow the last wish of Academician Yuan Longping to simplify the funeral. Representatives of all units in the CITIC system, Longping Hi-Tech system and Longping Hi-Tech cooperation units attended the memorial service and farewell ceremony of Academician Yuan Longping, and expressed deep condolences to the family of Academician Yuan Longping. The company also set up an online memorial hall in official website and a commemorative activity area in the headquarters building to express the grief and memory of all Longping high-tech people and friends from all walks of life who love Academician Yuan Longping.

Deeply Thinking of Academician Yuan Longping's Care and Guidance

In 1999, in order to further develop the cause of hybrid rice, Academician Yuan Longping, as one of the main founders, promoted the establishment of Longping High-tech. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, Academician Yuan Longping encouraged Longping high tech to take "developing hybrid rice for the benefit of the people of the world" as its own responsibility. Since the establishment of the company, Academician Yuan Longping has always been concerned about the development of Longping High-tech, in terms of overall development strategy, crop category and global business layout, commercial breeding and biotechnology system construction, third-generation super rice and other major scientific and technological innovation research, modern management system construction, etc., Give Longping High-tech a series of objective and pragmatic, high-level top-level design guidance.

Academician Yuan Longping is very concerned about the income of farmers' planting and production, and requires Longping Hi-Tech to persist in carrying out scientific and technological innovation and constantly introduce high-yield and excellent crop seeds to create benefits for farmers. Academician Yuan Longping has always been concerned about the food security of the country and the world, and encouraged Longping Hi-Tech to work hard to promote China's hybrid rice technology to the world. To this end, Academician Yuan Longping has been paying close attention to the internationalization of hybrid rice in Longping Hi-Tech. He has repeatedly asked about the company's scientific research progress in the Philippines, India and other places, and visited the company's international business cooperation exchange site several times.
Academician Yuan Longping also devoted concern, guidance and support to the strategic layout of the company's corn, vegetables, millet and sunflower crops, as well as the construction of the global innovation system of the corn industry. In order to support Longping Hi-Tech to actively participate in leading the third-generation super rice technology research, Academician Yuan Longping personally served as the chairman of "Hunan Longping Hi-Tech Third-generation Hybrid Rice Seed Industry Co., Ltd.

Under the care and guidance of Academician Yuan Longping, Longping Hi-Tech has successfully constructed a multi-crop commercial breeding and biotechnology innovation system with independent innovation as the core, and formed a domestic and international collaborative layout, a leading domestic and international first-class "3 X" Crop breeding, reproduction and promotion integration capabilities. Academician Yuan Longping has made an indelible contribution to the growth of Longping Hi-Tech into a leading national seed enterprise in China!

To continue Academician Yuan Longping's ideal and legacy

Academician Yuan Longping has always had two dreams, one is the dream of enjoying the cool under the grain and the other is the dream of hybrid rice covering the world. Although Academician Yuan Longping left us, his Longping spirit of "mission", "innovation", "struggle" and "benefit" has been deeply embedded in the company's development genes along with the establishment and development of Longping Hi-Tech, and has become the key spiritual pillar and basic cultural program of all Longping Hi-Tech people. Longping high-tech and all Longping high-tech people can only turn grief into strength, only shoulder the mission and carry forward dreams:


1. Continue to practice and carry forward the Longping spirit with "mission", "innovation", "struggle" and "benefit" as the core, and continue to carry out scientific research and innovation with a never-ending attitude.The kind care and guidance of Academician Yuan Longping has helped Longping Hi-Tech build an independent, sustainable, and domestic leading breeding innovation system. It currently has a strong scientific research team of 456 people, and the commercial breeding of hybrid rice, corn, and vegetables is in the world's leading or domestic Leading level, already has the core foundation for continuous iteration of scientific research competitiveness. In the future, the company will always adhere to the market demand-oriented R & D innovation concept, actively explore the application of genome-wide selection, gene editing and other emerging technologies in breeding innovation, and ensure that the R & D capabilities of rice, corn, vegetables, sunflower and other crops continue to be at the forefront of the industry. At the same time, by continuously strengthening scientific research investment, improving the R & D management system, constantly improving R & D efficiency and innovation ability, we will always carry forward the spirit of scientific and technological innovation flying on the banner of Longping.


2. With a high sense of historical responsibility and national mission, we should contribute to the turnaround of the seed industry, the development of the national seed industry and the construction of China's agricultural modernization.my country's grain supply and demand have always been in a tight balance. Under the condition of limited arable land, increasing grain production and improving the quality and diversity of grain supply require modern agricultural science and technology to be self-reliant and use science and technology to fight the seed industry. Longping Hi-Tech will adhere to both traditional breeding and biotechnology, and accelerate to seize the commanding heights of new technologies; the company will continue to improve the level of production quality assurance, strengthen the promotion ability of independent intellectual property varieties, and continue to improve farmers' planting efficiency.


3. Deeply inherit Academician Yuan Longping's great legacy of "developing hybrid rice for the benefit of the people of the world", and strive to realize the lofty dream of promoting hybrid rice technology to the world and benefiting mankind with agricultural scientific and technological innovation!All the staff of the company will take Academician Yuan Longping as an example, fully carry forward the spirit of Longping, bravely be the successors of Academician Yuan Longping's hybrid rice cause, strive for the technological progress and global promotion of the hybrid rice seed industry, and contribute to the rise of the national seed industry and the protection of national food security from the source!


Paying tribute to the spirit of Longping, Academician Yuan Longping is immortal!


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