New Rice Product "Wei Liangyou 534" National Observation Meeting Held Ceremoniously


On August 23, it was called "General Rice".The new rice variety Wei Liangyou534The national on-site observation meeting was held ceremoniously in Qianjiang City, Hubei Province, Shrimp City. Representatives from Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, Hunan and other provinces300 people gathered together, watching, listening and speaking, so lively! Let's take a look.

   In the rice fields of Qianjiang Hua Huichun Cooperative, Wei Liangyou534The rice fragrance is refreshing, and the heavy rice ears undulate in the wind like waves, like grinning and smiling, welcoming guests from all over the country. The delegates also appeared to return the ceremony by taking photographs.

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       What isGeneral Rice? The organizer explained: at present, the competition in the seed industry is in flames of war, the wolves are everywhere, a thousand troops are easy to get, a general is hard to find! Wei Liangyou534High yield, high resistance, Like a warrior, he will be invincible and invincible! To help farmers increase production and income, so that partners can obtain stable and generous returns! Hong Min, Executive General Manager of Longping High-tech Hubei Huimin Agriculture: Wei Liangyou534It is a large variety newly bred by Yang Yuanzhu, president of Longping High-tech Research Institute. The female parent is the offspring of Longliangyou and Jingliangyou. The male parent is Wushan silk seedlings. Its typical advantages are high yield and excellent rice quality. Whether it is disease or high temperature and heat damage, it has very good stress resistance and is safe to plant anywhere. The resistance is very good. It is a silly melon variety without defects. I hope that the majority of farmers will actively plant.

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   In the face of the blowout of new varieties, serious homogenization, disorderly competition in the seed market, low grain prices, and low grain prices hurting farmers, how to promote such a good variety?

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     Lu Liwei, General Manager of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Rice Department of Longping High-tech: Wei Liangyou534It shows high quality, high yield and resistance, and is a breakthrough variety. In the future operation, we should adopt the idea of stabilizing prices, stabilizing the market, strictly controlling channels and developing steadily. Specifically, we only attract investment in the whole country.60County-level agents, focusing on key markets, strict control of prices, national retail prices90Yuan/Kg, to ensure the interests of dealers; publicity, pay close attention to the mainstream media, increase publicity, strengthen the advertising effect; increase demonstration, highlight the style of large varieties. Strive to put Wei two excellent534Operate into a national big single product.

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