Big variety general rice Wei two excellent 534, service set sail!


   On the morning of May 20, the kick-off meeting of the service phase of Wei Liangyou, the latest core variety of Hubei Huimin 534, was successfully held, officially opening the prelude to the "one kind of fame, one" shake "and" move "tracking service of General Rice Wei Liangyou 534. The meeting was held in a combination of technical training and service mobilization, field operation and indoor communication, and online and offline. The main venue was located at the research and exhibition base of Houhu Lake, Huimin, Hubei Province. The central China marketing team attended the meeting on the spot, and the east China and south China marketing teams attended the meeting online. On this special day, we express our special love for General Rice Wei Liangyou 534!

First of all, senior agronomist Jiang Yanghua introduced in detail the new changes and progress of Hubei Huimin Qianjiang Houhu Scientific Research Base in terms of base hardware facilities, demonstration display, variety scientific research and testing, etc. Then, Mr. Liu yingtao, a senior agronomist, combined with the field growth and variety characteristics of Wei liangyou 534, and combined with the current mainstream cultivation modes and methods of farmers, explained in detail the high-yield cultivation techniques of Wei liangyou 534, which are rich in content, vivid in language and grounded in cultivation techniques. Timely answer the problems encountered by marketing personnel in the service promotion work and the questions existing in the cultivation management technology.


 After the outdoor, the indoor meeting of the service phase kick-off meeting of Wei Liangyou 534 "a kind of fame, shaking together" was officially opened. The meeting was presided over by Cao Hebing, deputy general manager of the rice division. At the meeting, Mr. Liu yingtao, combined with his more than 30 years of experience in serving farmers, explained the high-yield cultivation techniques of Wei lianyou 534. Product Director Jiang Yanghua focused on the promotion and positioning of Wei Liangyou 534, common problems and solutions in the seedling stage. Marketing Director Liu Desheng explained the purpose and significance of tracking service, and announced the management assessment method of Wei Liangyou 534 stage. The heads of the marketing centers in South China, Central China and East China respectively made mobilization speeches in combination with the actual situation of the team.


      Lu liwei, general manager of the rice division, made a summary of the meeting on "big varieties, new opportunities, new journey and new future" and a mobilization report on service initiation: Wei liangyou 534 is the latest iteration variety of backbone parents independently bred by Longping high tech. it is a first-class large variety with various advantages such as high yield, high quality, resistance, plant type, ripening period, etc. and meets the market demand. it has a good start, solid foundation and seed price, the profit margin is enlarged, the enthusiasm of dealers is increased, and the potential of varieties can be expected. Our services are in place and can create greater value for users. The state attaches great importance to food security, farmers' enthusiasm for planting has increased, the stocks of large varieties of seeds in the seed industry have been basically digested, and seed companies have no burden. At the same time, our systematic marketing plan has reached a consensus through full communication, which is highly targeted and feasible, and the best troops will be basically in place. This is our new opportunity. In the following follow-up service work, we must adhere to high-value concepts and high-quality development strategies. Each team must have a strong pattern and systematic thinking, continue to advance, continue to summarize, continue to improve, continue to improve, and high goals and high standards. Ask yourself to make new breakthroughs with a resolute and hard work style, achieve our goals, and open a new future. Through field explanation, indoor training and service start mobilization, let everyone have a bottom in mind and confidence in the following tracking technical service work!

       Xiongguan Road is really like iron, and now we are stepping forward from the beginning. Under the guidance of Longping High-tech's high-quality development strategy and with the strong support of the company, Hubei Huimin Rice Division "a famous service group" and dealers at all levels work together to "fight big battles, fight tough battles, and win battles." The idea and firm and solid work style, to serve and practice, and create value for users. We have firm confidence and determination, and will definitely turn Wei Liangyou 534 into a new generation of big single products of Longping Gaoke!

If you recognize Huimin's brand, products and market prospects,

We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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