Concentric peer, create a win-win situation, Hubei Huimin held a deep two excellent 3206 core dealer summit.


   On August 27, Hubei Huimin 2019-2020 Shenzhen Liangyou 3206 Core Dealer Summit was held in Hefei Fengda International Hotel. Nearly 300 dealers from all over the country attended the meeting. Yan Qingnan, editor-in-chief of Anhui Radio and Television Station, Meng Fei, editor-in-chief of Anhui Seed Association and Anhui Seed Industry, hong Min, Executive Deputy General Manager of Huimin, Hubei, Lu Liwei, General Manager of Agricultural Rice Division, Cao Hebing, Deputy General Manager of Agricultural Rice Division, and Wang Jinhua, Executive Deputy General Manager of Anhui Branch attended the meeting.

      At 2 p.m. on the 27th, the meeting officially began. Wang Jinhua delivered a welcome speech and expressed his thanks and greetings to the leaders and guests attending the meeting. Hong Min introduced the development strategy planning of Huimin in Hubei Province, so that the participants had a clearer understanding of Huimin brand. Cao Hebing described the positioning and operation of Shenzhen Liangyou 3206 under the new situation, laying the foundation for the next marketing work of Shenzhen Liangyou 3206, and also giving dealers a shot in the arm.

At the meeting, dealer representatives from Huoqiu, Shouxian and Qianshan counties shared their experience in the operation of the Shenzhen Liangyou 3206 market and their understanding of the variety, and expounded their views on the current market from different angles. they unanimously agreed that the Shenzhen Liangyou 3206 is a very stable variety, in line with the current market demand, and expressed their confidence in making the Shenzhen Liangyou 3206 bigger and stronger. Lu Liwei made a concluding speech and put forward requirements and suggestions to all dealers.

After that, the meeting held the activity of "paying deposit and smashing golden eggs" for Shenzhen Liangyou 3206. Dealers present attended one after another. With the announcement of the grand prize, the atmosphere of the meeting reached a climax.

 At 18:30 on the evening of the 27th, the appreciation and awards dinner officially began. With the wonderful theatrical performance, the meeting commended outstanding dealers, and the participants unanimously stated: work together to create a win-win situation! We must push the deep two excellent 3206 to a new height and create the first big single product in the deep system!

 On the 28th-29th, the conference organized participating dealers to visit Tiantangzhai, a 5A scenic spot, to cultivate sentiment and promote feelings. So far, Hubei Huimin Shenzhen two excellent 3206 core dealer summit successfully concluded, the meeting achieved the desired results. In the future, Hubei Huimin will work with all dealers to create a win-win situation together!

If you recognize Huimin's brand, products and market prospects,

We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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