Hard Work, Hard Work, Hard Work: Hubei Huimin Staff Learn from Chairman Mao Changqing's Important Speech


 At 9:30 a.m. on July 10, 2019, Hubei Huimin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. actively responded to the call of Longping High-tech Group. Under the leadership of the company's general manager, Mr. Qi Xianchao, all the staff of Wuhan headquarters carefully studied the content and spirit of the important speech made by Chairman Mao Changqing of Longping High-tech Group in the conference room on the second floor to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Longping High-tech and the strategic promotion meeting, it also requires all employees to study carefully, deeply understand, review the standards and resolutely implement them.

 At the meeting, Yu Lan, the company's administrative director of human resources, read the speech manuscript of Chairman Mao Changqing's "seeking truth and pragmatism, cohesion, and unity of mind to move forward.

 After the spirit of the document was conveyed, Mr. Qi Xianchao, general manager of the company, pointed out: 1. Chairman Mao Changqing's speech was fully investigated, the opinions of the company's board members were concentrated, and the company's decision-making committee collectively discussed and approved. It is a programmatic document guiding Longping High-tech's future strategic focus, management reform, mechanism optimization, team building, and Longping culture practice. We must deeply understand, earnestly study and consciously implement it; the 2. report fully affirms the achievements made by Longping High-tech since its establishment, especially after CITIC's entry, and does not evade the current problems of Longping High-tech; 3. Longping High-tech is standing on the historical mission of national development and national seed industry. In terms of responsibilities and responsibilities, under the premise of benchmarking international multinational seed companies, higher development requirements have been put forward; 4. speech manuscript puts forward targeted opinions and goals for the deployment of future strategic focus and management change.

Combined with the spirit of Chairman Mao Changqing's speech, General Manager Qi Xianchao systematically analyzed and summarized Hubei Huimin's 15-year development process, analyzed the current situation of the company, and made work arrangements for the next step of Hubei Huimin's industrial focus, management reform, and mechanism innovation, how to stimulate the entrepreneurial passion of cadres and employees, how to maintain the spirit of hard struggle, and how to improve per capita efficiency and efficiency.

General Manager Qi Xianchao requested that all cadres and employees of the company should fully examine themselves during the management change and review whether they meet the requirements of the change; adhere to the truth-seeking and pragmatic work style, and maintain the revolutionary spirit of hard work; we must actively do a good job in team building and streamline the administration. Keep the vitality and confidence of the team, and hope everyone "work for honor and fight for dignity!", Strive to occupy a place in Longping Gaoke and become the leader of Hubei seed industry!

During the meeting, the managers of various business sectors of the company also shared in this study..

   Hong Min, executive deputy general manager of the company, stressed: 1. Through this study, all employees should learn to reflect and learn to compare. All the problems mentioned at the meeting should be corrected if there is any. 2. All business sectors and departments of the company should have the same goals, highly unified thinking, more communication and sincere unity in case of problems. 3. All employees should consciously start from themselves, spread positive energy, and leading cadres should set an example. 4. We should actively support the management reform of Longping High Tech and strive hard to achieve the goal.

   Lu Liwei, the new general manager of the rice division, proposed that all employees should try to break through the bottleneck, re-recognize themselves, learn to return to zero, and re-learn. 1. Maintain a good attitude and spread positive energy. 2, objective analysis of yourself, and make plans for the future; 3, always alert yourself, keep in mind that the company does not raise idle people, the market does not believe in tears, the market does not love the weak; 4, to have the courage to correct deviation, dare to challenge; 5, do not kui for oneself, not kui for the benefit of the people, not kui for Longping.

Ruan Xuequan, deputy general manager of the corn and cotton division, made it clear that the corn and cotton division will actively respond to the call and implement management changes. At the same time, we will start from ourselves, overcome anxiety, improve the performance of the division, and complete the sales tasks assigned by the company.

Cao Hebing, deputy general manager of the Rice Division, proposed that he will set an example, always reflect on himself, and implement the work of the next year.

Finance Director Ouyang Shaobo said that combined with the company's management changes, it will further optimize the management process, strengthen financial control risks, and provide services for business departments.

Niu Pingjiang, assistant to the general manager, combed the spirit of the meeting again from the five aspects of "learning, understanding, change, correction and practical work", and said that he would seriously implement the management reform.

Wang Jinhua, executive deputy general manager of Anhui company, also promised that in the next work, he would seriously reflect and make a good plan to create greater value for the company.

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