The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the provincial and municipal supervision working groups visited Huimin, Hubei Province to investigate and guide the work.


    2019Year2Month21Zhang Dongxiao, director of the market supervision department of the seed management department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, and his party visited our company for supervision and investigation. Wu Heming, deputy director of Hubei seed administration, Tang Daoting, chief of regulations department, Fu Ling, chief of inspection department, Yang Xiaohong, director of science and education department of Wuhan agricultural Committee, Wang Dawu, leader of administrative comprehensive law enforcement brigade of Wuhan seed administration, and Li Bei, leader of Donghu high-tech development zone, accompanied the biological park.

    Accompanied by the company's general manager Qi Xianchao, the inspection team visited the company's modern seed processing plant and seed production line, and conducted spot checks on the source of seed packaging and QR code identification.  

 This was followed by a panel discussion. At the meeting, Qi Xianchao, general manager of our company, reported to the supervision working group on the company's development history, production and operation, scientific research and development and future development. After listening to the report, the supervision working group fully affirmed the strategic transformation and quality control of our company, and put forward valuable opinions on the future development of our company and the inspection.

Subsequently, the Provincial Seed Management Station and the Wuhan Seed Administration Bureau respectively made special reports on the supervision and random inspection of crop seed enterprises to the leaders of the supervision group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and put forward reasonable suggestions.

Finally, Director Zhang Dongxiao, the leader of the Ministry, conveyed the spirit of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the two supervision and spot checks of crop seed companies in winter and spring, and affirmed the work achievements made by the Hubei Province and Wuhan Seed Administration, and hoped that Hubei Huimin will be in crop seed quality. Make an example in monitoring, standardizing the operation of enterprises, and providing farmers with high-quality and safe seeds and services.

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