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On November 30, 2018, Hubei Huimin Anhui Branch successfully held the "Fudao 88 Core Dealer Symposium and Policy Conference" at Hefei Celeb Weijing International Resort Hotel. More than 20 core customers gathered together. Hong Min, deputy general manager of Hubei Huimin headquarters, and Luo Bican, general manager of the rice division of the headquarters, attended the meeting.

Hefei Celebret Hotel International Resort

1. at the meeting, Hong Min, deputy general manager of headquarters, shared two points with the dealers present.
1. The future market situation of China's seed industry: the supply and demand relationship of rice seeds; the reform of agricultural supply side continues to advance; the internationalization of hybrid rice; the development of seed industry will be led by the seed industry giants; the government's support measures;
2. Development history of Huimin seed industry: 0.138 billion registered capital of the company; Tai D cotton series started; The company's main business is rice, cotton, corn and modern agriculture. At present, the company's business covers 14 provinces. CITIC Group is a major shareholder and was acquired by Longping High-tech in 17 years. It officially belongs to Longping High-tech's seed enterprises.
Let dealers have a clear understanding of the future seed industry market and a comprehensive understanding of Hubei Huimin Company.
Dealers are completely at ease and do their best. We Huimin is the strongest backing!

   Hong Min, Deputy General Manager of Hubei Huimin Headquarters

2. at the meeting, Luo Bic, general manager of the rice division of the headquarters, shared two points with everyone.
1. Many years of operation experience in conventional rice industry: agricultural demand in the new era; Timing of promotion of high-quality conventional rice; Let dealers learn from it and use it. Dealers listen carefully and agree with it.
2. Secondly, Luo Zong analyzed the market prospect of Fudao 88: Fudao 88 is an opportunity to position consumers (service innovation)-channels (brand innovation)-markets (price positioning) so that dealers can understand the great potential of Fudao 88, which is also the goal of the joint efforts of all present.

Luo Bican, General Manager of Rice Division, Huimin Headquarters, Hubei Province

At the meeting 3., Cao Hebing, general manager of Anhui Branch, proposed
1. homeopathic integration, excellent technique innovation. How should we deal with the bottleneck encountered by the current seed industry? Cao always summed up: take advantage of the situation, know the way, and have excellent skills to deal with our current seed industry.
2. The overall operation idea of Fudao 88: the performance of varieties; Internal and external packaging design; Safety measures for seeds and provenances; The design of the variety planting manual description; The quality of varieties is improved (adding fragrance genes); Market positioning high-end all-round varieties. Come and pave the way for our Fudao 88 to become bigger and stronger!
3. Fudao 88 sales policy and control of the market. Combined with the current market, dealers are more agreed.
Cao Zong's proposal is also of great concern to dealers. The atmosphere on the scene is lively, applause is constant, and everyone resonates.

Cao Hebing, General Manager of Anhui Branch

4. at this meeting, the dealer representatives Li Yong, Li Zong and Wang Qiansheng, Wang Zong, respectively made speeches. The questions raised were discussed together. They were all suggestions for Fudao 88 to become bigger and stronger. The atmosphere of the meeting was lively, and the effect of the meeting was very good, reaching the climax.

Yingshang Li Yong

Huoqiu Wang Qiansheng

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Hong, Mr. Luo, and Mr. Cao sincerely expressed their warm welcome to everyone, and at the same time placed high expectations on everyone.
Finally, Mr. Hong summed up three points: 1. Seize the opportunity 2. Constantly innovate 3. Upgrade the service! I hope that when you go back, you will earnestly implement and work hard to promote the smooth development of the sales work of Fudao 88!!
In the applause of the whole audience, the curtain came to a successful conclusion of today's meeting!!!

Fudao 88 core channel summit group photo


If you recognize Huimin's brand, products and market prospects,

We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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