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Autumn September is the harvest season! On September 29, the Jiangxi Center of Hubei Huimin Rice Division held a high-quality rice-"Fugao 8" Jiangxi Observation and Production Measurement Conference in Gaoan City, a beautiful and rich rice county in Jiangxi. Nearly 200 county-level dealers, township dealers, large farmers and rice factory owners from the province attended the Fumao 88 observation and production test meeting. Everyone admired the strong performance of Fudao 8 8! Praise is beyond words! Everyone said that such a good variety as Fudao 8 8 will be vigorously promoted next year.

Everyone dressed in red to attend the grand gathering of fudao 8 8 to observe and measure the yield! On September 29, at 9: 00 a.m., we arrived at the observation field. As soon as we got off the bus, we went straight to the observation field of Fudao 88.

Participants went to Fudao 8 to observe the scene and appreciate the performance of Fudao 88! Carefully check the large panicle and seed setting rate of Fudao 88. Fudao 88 has good ripening, large panicles, high seed setting rate and lodging resistance. Some dealers went to the middle of the field to check the resistance, tillering and maturity of Fudao 88. Everyone was very sure of the field performance of Fudao 88 and unanimously agreed that Fudao 88 was a very good variety. Everyone discussed with each other to estimate the yield of Fudao 88 today. Many dealers said the output should be about 1400kg per mu.

Dealers gave a thumbs up to the outstanding performance of Fudao 88, saying that Fudao 88 performed well and the yield must be very high.

The distributor selects the sample of Fudao 88 rice spike and takes a group photo.

The distributor went to the middle of the field to hold the ears of Fudao 88 and evaluated them. He seldom saw rice varieties with such good ears as Fudao 88 in the middle of the field.

Fu Dao 88 is taking photos one after another during the observation and photo-taking sessions. He wants to introduce Fu Dao 88 to his customers and vigorously promote it. Next, enter the production test link.

Harvest is done!

Everyone started to measure the yield together, bagging the rice of Fudao 88, weighing and recording the weight.

Everyone carried the bag together to witness the harvest joy of Fudao 88.

Director Liao Shaoping, Marketing Director of Hubei Huimin Rice Division, presided over the production measurement process.

Many county dealers have signed to witness the yield measurement process and results of Fudao 88.

Gao 'an dealer Xiong always provided full support for the whole production process! Organization of weighing, measuring field, counting. Liu Aiguo, a demonstration household, told everyone that some common varieties were planted in the village today, and the output was generally 1000-1100kg. The appearance and yield of Fudao 88 are obviously better than the local common varieties. Next year all their villages will plant 88 rice.

Through everyone to witness the accurate calculation, the measurement results came out! The harvest area is 1.7 mu, and the paid-in wet grain yield is 1603kg per mu, equivalent to 1378kg per mu of dry grain yield!

The yield of Fushao 88 under extensive management is very high in the local area.

Everyone took a group photo in front of the harvester to witness the outstanding performance and yield of Fudao 88!

Next was the indoor meeting. The large conference room was fully occupied. The participants listened to the introduction of Fudao 88 in detail.

Xiong Zong, an excellent dealer in Gao 'an City, introduced in detail the demonstration test results and observation summary of Fudao 88.

Hu zong, the representative of the rice factory purchaser, spoke highly of the processing quality and rice quality of fudao 88! Next year, we will focus on purchasing high-quality rice from Fudao 88.

Director Liao Shaoping introduced in detail the strength and development plan of Huimin agriculture in Hubei. Lin Zong, head of the Jiangxi Central Region of the Rice Department, shared the outstanding performance of Fudao 88 in various places, introduced in detail the regional test yield and data of Fudao 88, and emphasized the market control of Fudao 88 in Jiangxi market this year. Participating dealers have a more comprehensive understanding of Fudao 88, and Fudao 88 will surely be recognized by the general public. They have strengthened their confidence in agricultural cooperation with Hubei Huimin!

At 12:20 noon, the indoor meeting ended, and the Jiangxi Center of the Rice Division of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Technology Company organized everyone to have lunch. High-quality rice-fudao 88 observation and yield measurement conference was a complete success!



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