Hubei Huimin 2017/2018 Management Annual Work Conference


From August 2 to 5, 2018, 32 middle and senior managers of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. held an annual working meeting of 2017/2018 management in the conference room of Qianjiang Chunyu Farm.


At 1:30 p. m. on August 2, the meeting officially kicked off. Mr. Qi Xianchao, general manager of the company, delivered a speech to the meeting, summarizing the overall work situation of the 2017/2018 business year to all participants, and made new arrangements and requirements for the work objectives and tasks of the 2018/2019 business year.

Next, the person in charge of each business unit and cooperative conducted an on-site debriefing report based on the completion of the 2017/2018 operation year and the 2018/2019 operation year work plan, and made a report on the problems, opportunities and challenges that may be faced in the next operation year. In-depth analysis.


On the afternoon of August 3, Chu Kunyan, vice president of Huimin seed Industry Research Institute, Xia Shijie, general manager of Xinjiang Huimin seed Industry Co., Ltd., Hong Min, deputy general manager of the company, and Wu Jie, financial manager of Southwest Marketing Center, exchanged experiences with everyone. Among them, Hong Zong taught everyone in detail his management method of "systematic planning and intensive cultivation" in the operation and management process of the Rice Division from the four aspects of "setting strategy, grouping team, grasping process and building mechanism". Dean Chu gave everyone an in-depth analysis and introduction around team building and staff quality training; xia general principle is aimed at the selection of marketable varieties, the expansion of business channels and the improvement of the recovery rate of payment, combined with the cases in the actual work, summed up the successful experience in the management of Xinjiang company.


On the morning of August 4, the company invited Li Haiou, a teacher from Longping High-tech Training Department, to provide training on corporate culture and leadership improvement for all participants.


On the afternoon of August 4, under the organization of General Qi, all the staff had a 3.5-hour reflection and self-criticism discussion. In the meeting, the person in charge of each molecular unit conducted a profound review of the shortcomings in their own management level and the departments in charge, and conducted a comprehensive analysis of the emergence of these problems, and finally put forward specific measures to prevent or correct these deficiencies.


On the morning of August 5th, under the leadership of Cui Fei, chairman of the Qianjiang Huahuichun Cooperative Association, we visited the Qianjiang Marathon Theme Park and the Huiwan Lake National Wetland Park to learn from the marathon athletes' perseverance, perseverance, and courage to challenge themselves. The spirit of mission must be achieved.


As of the morning of August 5, the 2017/2018 annual business conference has been a complete success. General Manager Qi Xianchao pointed out that in the 2018/2019 year of operation, he hoped that all staff members of Huimin in Hubei would lay a solid foundation, seize opportunities bravely, make bold changes and innovations, and strive for future take-off.!

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