Action for Young Seedlings "-Hubei Huimin's First Phase of Induction Training for New Employees in 2018


From April 26 to 28, the Human Resources Department organized 14 employees who recently joined the company and conducted systematic induction training. This training adopts the combination of indoor closed training and outdoor expansion. The training lecturer team is composed of leaders or excellent employees from human resources department, rice department, corn department, finance department, logistics department and other departments.

From April 26 to 27, a two-day closed classroom training was conducted in the conference room on the second floor of Huimin, Hubei (see Figure 1). Systematic training was conducted mainly on the company's corporate culture, development process, product knowledge, personnel and financial process, information platform operation process, professional accomplishment, communication skills, etc., which laid the foundation for new employees to deeply understand the company culture, quickly master the office process and quickly change roles.

Figure I

On April 28, all the trainees went to Jiangxia Baben Mountain for outdoor expansion (see Figure 2). At 10:30 in the morning, all the personnel gathered for an ice-breaking and cohesion test game, allowing all personnel to immediately break away from the two-day high-pressure training atmosphere. At 11:00 a.m., all the staff were ready to climb to the observation platform, the highest point of Mount Ba in Jiangxia.



Figure II

After 3 hours of journey, all the trainees successfully completed the expansion training (Figure 3)

This training not only increases the communication between employees, eliminates the strangeness and distance of new entrants to the company, enhances the cohesion of the team, but also enables all new employees to truly practice the spirit of "unity and hard work, pragmatism and innovation" in team activities!

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