Chunyu Farm Successfully Completed the "Hidden Horse" Reception Task


 (Correspondent Zheng Xianhao, April 21, 2018) In order to welcome the 2018 Qianjiang Huiwan Lake Wetland International Marathon held on April 21, Chunyu Farm completed all the renovation projects before the competition, and renovated the lobby, private rooms, guest rooms and greening and lighting in the park on the original basis. And after the investigation of the "Qianma" Organizing Committee of Qianjiang City, our farm became the designated reception unit. Mainly responsible for the reception of "latent horse" logistics and medical team.

 In order to successfully complete this reception task, the farm has done a good job in the special rectification of the four key parts and key links of guest rooms, catering, links, and safety. And successfully passed the investigation work of the farm organized by the public security, fire control, food and Drug Administration, health and Family Planning Commission and other law enforcement departments, and finally successfully completed the reception task.

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