Plant protection drones "fly into" agricultural cooperatives


With the accelerated development of modern agriculture, how to improve the efficiency of agricultural production is the primary problem of large growers. In some agricultural professional cooperatives, plant protection drones have become a hot potato.3Month22On the 1st, I saw in the classroom and demonstration field of the professional farmer training school of the association of huahuichun agricultural products planting cooperatives in Qianjiang city that the on-site demonstration training meeting of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles in Hubei plant protection station was being held.,Training will take 10 days.

Forty drone operators from the province's top 20 cooperatives, under the guidance of technicians, hovered back and forth over the rape base to demonstrate pesticide spraying. Less10About minutes, 40 mu of rape has been sprayed. This new type of intelligent plant protection UAV is easy to operate, and large growers want to give it a try.

Zheng Huiyuan, a big grower, said that he thinks drones are the best help to our big agricultural families. It is convenient, fast, labor-saving and labor-saving. For example, there are hundreds of mu of land in our family. It used to take two or three days to spray medicine, and five to ten workers can now be solved in two or three hours. Li Hui, a flight instructor in charge of on-site training, told reporters: "The rate of drug application by plant protection drones is relatively high, 40 times that of manual labor. The effect is also better than artificial. It has a downward pressure wind field, through which the liquid medicine can be pressed down to hit the front, back and root of the blade. Unmanned aerial vehicles are more environmentally friendly. Our people do not need to go down to the ground, but can operate in simple ways directly in the fields. For example, if traditional farmers apply medicine, they must go down to the ground, go to the ground and then be easily poisoned by people themselves, and trample on crops. For example, drones do not have this kind of situation. If you stand on the ground, it is the first one that does not have direct contact with crops and will not cause trampling. The second one does not have direct contact with the liquid medicine, which is also a protection for people."

Li Guigen is a large grain grower in Liubei New Village. He learned about the on-site training of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles from WeChat circle of friends and made a special trip to Huahuichun Cooperative to study. He said: "I just watched this drone take medicine. I saw that the medicine was very good and even in that field, so I wanted to buy it."

This year, the Huahuichun Agricultural Products Planting Cooperative Association of Qianjiang City purchased 5 drones, and will hold a number of plant protection drone live demonstrations, conduct centralized training on drone plant protection technology and policies, and guide agricultural cooperatives to vigorously develop drones Plant protection technology, and strive to make up for the weak shortcomings of agricultural mechanization in field management in the city, promote agricultural production and efficiency, and increase farmers' income.


                       Qianjiang Huahuichun Cooperative Association

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