Huimin, Hubei Province, to expand and strengthen the "shrimp rice" industry, promote the development of modern agriculture


   In recent years, Hubei Province has focused on the development of a comprehensive rice field planting and breeding efficient production model to promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, and implemented the two-wheel drive strategy of "shrimp rice" and "rice shrimp". The area of paddy field shrimp breeding bases has expanded year by year, and the output of crayfish The output value and benefit have increased year by year, which has greatly promoted the development of rural economy. However, the development of the "rice and shrimp" industry is unbalanced, and there are problems of "shrimp" strong and "rice" weak. Compared with the "shrimp" industry, the "rice" industry still has problems such as many rice varieties, chaotic rice brands, and low industrial level.


     Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. uses its own brand, capital, technology and market management advantages to select high-quality varieties suitable for "shrimp and rice co-cultivation" through screening tests, so as to improve the influence and brand effect of "rice. And establish a whole industrial chain system from seed to processing to sales, so as to expand and strengthen the "shrimp and rice" industry. From December 23 to 24, the Department of Agriculture of Hubei Province and the people's Government of Qianjiang City jointly invited experts from China Rice Research Institute, Hunan Rice Research Institute, Rice Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Food crops Research Institute of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences to visit the demonstration base of "shrimp and rice co-cultivation" in Huimin, Hubei Province.

                                                  "Shrimp and rice co-cultivation" core demonstration base

On the afternoon of December 24, relevant leaders of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and fruit tree experts from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences inspected the "Shrimp and Rice Co-cultivation" demonstration area in Huimin, Hubei. It is also pointed out that in order to build a three-dimensional ecological planting and breeding area, it is necessary to make full use of rice field resources, form a three-dimensional ecosystem in which rice, shrimp, vegetables and fruit trees coexist, and ensure the quality and safety of "shrimp and rice" products and the safety of agricultural ecological environment. Huimin, Hubei will also make full use of the advanced technology of "Internet agriculture" to lay Internet of things equipment on the base, including Internet of things collection, control, video, weather station, water and fertilizer integration and other plates, so that high-end consumers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other cities can monitor the production process of the base through mobile phones from time to time, and build a fully transparent laboratory from pre-production, mid-production and post-production to seed selection, growth, harvest, logistics to achieve the whole process of traceability. The use of e-commerce platform, through crowdfunding, subscription and other modes of base rice, crayfish online and offline sales.

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