The Symposium on Cultivating New Business Entities and Developing Agricultural Moderate Scale Operation was Successfully Held in Zhejiang


Vice Premier Wang Yang (third from left) Han Changfu (first from right) Zhang Yongqian, chairman of Chunlu Cooperative (second from right)

   The Symposium on cultivating new business entities and developing agricultural moderate scale operation was held in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province from 16 to 17. Vice Premier Wang Yang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu and others attended the symposium. Vice Governor Ren Zhenhe and Honghu Chunlu Crop Planting Professional Cooperative Union attended the meeting on behalf of Hubei.

Ren Zhenhe, Vice Governor of Hubei Province (left) Zhang Yongqian, Chairman of Chunlu Cooperative (right)

   At the meeting, Vice Premier Wang Yang stressed that the main body of large-scale new agricultural operation is the leading force of agricultural modernization, and it is necessary to conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen policy support, do a good job in demonstration and guidance, and innovate systems and mechanisms. we will actively cultivate new agricultural operators, develop various forms of moderately large-scale operation, and constantly improve the comprehensive efficiency and competitiveness of agriculture. Zhang Yongqian, chairman of the Honghu Chunlu Crop Planting Professional Cooperative Association, made a speech as a representative of the cooperative. He said that Chunlu Association has developed into the largest rice cooperative in Hubei Province, mainly due to the "three incense": unified service Variety incense; green brand market incense; farmers get rich day incense. Cooperative associations actively develop family farms, large professional households, farmer cooperatives, agricultural enterprises and various agricultural service organizations, expand the ranks of new professional farmers, and give full play to the role of agricultural technology extension agencies, supply and marketing cooperatives, and agricultural reclamation enterprises in agricultural socialized services, Diversified cultivation of new agricultural business entities. Encourage and guide new entities to drive more ordinary farmers to participate in large-scale operations, so that farmers can obtain more benefits, and improve the benefit-sharing mechanism for agricultural development in multiple modes.


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