Gathering High-quality Products to Take Off Huimin-Huimin Anhui Branch 2016-2017 Marketing Policy Conference


Autumn send cool, sweet osmanthus fragrance! At 17:00 on October 29, the 2016-2017 marketing policy conference of Hubei Huimin Anhui branch with the theme of "gathering high-quality goods to take off and benefit the people" was held ceremoniously in Huangshan hall of Hefei best western hotel! The meeting attracted more than 50 excellent dealers from Jiangsu, Henan, Anhui and other places. Huimin Anhui Branch all employees attended the meeting.
The first phase of the conference, divided into four agendas, began at 17:00 p.m. on time. First of all, Cao Hebing, executive deputy general manager of Anhui Branch, delivered an ebullient welcome speech. All guests are welcome to participate in this meeting. I hope that new and old friends will take advantage of the opportunity to increase mutual understanding, strengthen communication, enhance cooperation, hand in hand, side by side, and jointly embark on Huimin's second entrepreneurial take-off.

Next, Hong Min, general manager of the rice business department of the headquarters, introduced the strategic development of Huimin in Hubei Province, as well as a detailed analysis of the agricultural development situation, which was unanimously recognized by the guests.

 On the third agenda, Wang Jinhua, marketing manager of Huimin Anhui Branch, gave a detailed introduction to the company's products this year and reported on the planting performance of various places this year.

Customers listened carefully and expressed their opinions actively. Zhang Zong from Gushi, Henan Province, introduced the product performance and understanding of varieties of Shenzhen Liangyou 3206. After years of demonstration and promotion, Mr. Zhang believes that Shenzhen Liangyou 3206 is definitely a perfect variety with perfect comprehensive performance and a large variety that can be operated.

Yin Zong from Hexian County has been operating seeds in Hexian Seed Company for many years. He introduced in detail the demonstration of GuangLiangyou 1813 and gave high recognition to GuangLiangyou 1813.
Jiang Zong from Quanjiao Wezheng Seed Industry talked about how he got along with the company and maintained close cooperation for many years. He spoke highly of Huimin and told the participants that Huimin is a company that is absolutely assured of cooperation, honesty and practical work. Mr. Jiang's speech attracted warm applause from the guests present, fully demonstrating the deep friendship between customers and the company!

At the end of the agenda, Cao Hebing, executive vice president of Huimin Anhui Branch, issued the marketing policy of Huimin Anhui Branch for 2016-2017. The situation of seed industry is changing rapidly. Anhui Branch is adapting to changes, keeping up with the development trend of seed industry, making great efforts to innovate, providing good services, and making joint efforts to turn Guangzhou Liangyou 1813 and Shenzhen Liangyou 3206 into one of the top varieties in the two-series high-quality rice market.

The second stage of the conference consists of a dinner party and a theatrical performance. During the dinner party, the participants actively interacted, enthusiastic, dynamic dance, superb magic and thrilling acrobatic performances won applause from everyone. While enjoying the wonderful performances of the performers, everyone also showed their talents without hesitation. The business department always dedicated a song "Keep the Root" to everyone, manager Wang's "Love to Fight to Win" interacted with everyone. Chaohu's Mrs. Zhao Zong, and County Yin Zong all took the stage to perform, bringing the event to a climax! Finally, in the laughter and laughter, Cao Zong of Anhui Branch presented a song "Broad Sea and Sky" to draw a successful conclusion to the meeting.

Rest assured rice wide two excellent 1813, Huimin rice deep two excellent 3206 firmly printed in the customer's mind, the customer's understanding of Hubei Huimin agricultural science and technology co., ltd. reached a new height, the meeting was a complete success!

If you recognize Huimin's brand, products and market prospects,

We look forward to working with you to establish a strategic partnership, cooperation and win-win development!

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