Hubei Huimin Hybrid Rice Light and Simple This Seed Production and Yield Test Expert Site Meeting


On September 20, 2016, Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., in accordance with the relevant requirements of the project implementation of the Science and Technology Department, organized relevant experts to carry out on-site acceptance of the "key Technology Research and Development of Hybrid Rice Light and simple seed production" project at the Hybrid Rice seed production Base in Fuchang Town, Honghu City.

Fig. Ⅰ On-the-spot meeting of experts on hybrid rice seed production and yield measurement

This acceptance is divided into three parts: 1. Organize an on-site meeting of experts, report the implementation according to the project task book, and determine the method of production measurement and investigation in combination with expert opinions; 2, field survey, sampling, data statistics; 3, data analysis, the expert group to write acceptance opinions.

Figure II Hybrid Rice Light Simplified Seed Production Site

Through on-site investigation, the expert group determined that the project design is reasonable, the operation is standardized, the technology is basically mature, and it has obvious yield increase effect compared with the traditional (artificial transplanting) seed production and cultivation mode. Zhang Yufei, head of the expert group, Jingzhou seed Administration Bureau and senior agronomist, said that the project has promoted the technical level of hybrid rice seed production, improved the quality of seed production, reduced labor input, reduced production costs and production risks, and gradually formed a perfect, efficient and mature hybrid rice seed production technology system, which will be conducive to the intensive, industrialized and large-scale development of hybrid rice seed production in our province.

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