Xichang Seed Promotion Conference Helps Farmers Select Seeds Scientifically


On August 26, Sichuan Branch of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. organized corn dealers and growers in Panxi area to attend the "Qingqing 009" seed promotion meeting in Xiaomiao Village, Xichang City, to help farmers in Panxi area select seeds scientifically.

   "This corn cob is good, with a moderate spike and a big head. Go, go to the field and watch!"
At 8:30 a.m. on the 26th, dealers and growers came to the new variety Qingqing 009 corn field planted by the second group of farmers in Xiaomiao Village, Xichang City. According to the small temple village two groups of growers Chen Wei said: "I was rushed to the market, listen to the dealer said this is the latest national trial varieties, just buy a pack to try, come back to see the seed particles so small, also thought that fooled. All planted to this humble land. I didn't expect Qingqing 009 from the emergence of seedlings to now have performed so well!"

"It seems that the seed is small, but the stick is big! Next year the corn will choose it." A dealer from Panzhihua said that everyone saw Qingqing 009 species perform so well on land with such poor conditions. Dealers at the scene all agreed that Qingqing 009 is worth promoting.

The enthusiasm of the villagers is high, while actively selecting seeds, they take the initiative to communicate with enterprises. According to Jing Xin, sales manager of Sichuan Branch of Hubei Huimin Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the promotion meeting not only made farmers understand high-quality seed varieties, but also provided a guarantee for achieving high yield and income in the new year. It also enables seed enterprises to formulate practical policies to benefit the people and benefit farmers in the area.。 

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